Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Blogskin!

It's time for a change!

Don't worry, a good change.


So sick and tired of the childish girly feeling I get from it. Like with every new skin, it's a step of improvement. This one still sticks to the theme of girly, but with softer colours to contrast the amount of pink. I hope you like it !! I worked on it for a really long time... What bothers me the most is I couldn't code the side bar into what I wanted. -_- I'm thinking in the next skin, I'd probably have to call in the help of a graphic designer or when I move into another blog host they will let me have more HTML creativity (Blogger seems to limit it).

If you noticed, I switched the sidebar and blog content section. Added a beautiful header to every blog post, and expanded/centered the date font. No more "A Taste of Elegance" in the header because the blog is no longer named that and replaced with an egocentric, "Tifa Mai." Of course I still have a picture of myself in it from photo shoot I did the past summer. :D

Moving on to the side bar... made a new "Welcome" image with a personal touch. BUT my most favourite thing are the SMALL CUTE BUTTONS I made to link to my social networks!!! I want to join more social networks just to make more... (Hmm keek, vine?) Let me know how you like them!! Note the "Youtube" button does not work yet since I'm still *working* on my channel. Hehe.

Yadadada... a bunch of small stuff that I can't be bothered to go into detail like that creepy picture of me at the very bottom of the page, and a more thorough entry in the "About Me" page for y'all to read.

As I stated earlier, the pics from the header/bottom header was from a photo shoot I did with a local photographer named, Bennie Chow. Very nice guy with a lot of talent! =)

Check out his awesome portfolio [ here ] !!!

Here's some of the other shots we took that I wanted to share. It was very, very hot that day and the sun was beaming in my face and totally ruined some of the shots because my face was so red.

Wanted to chose this awkward pose picture because I like how it showed my (uneven) tan. Tyra would be disapointed with my H2T (head to toe) posing. :(

Lolz, I had "ombre" hair. 


Was trying to create a specific pose where I would drop the dress and create a nice flowy drop, but it's a lot harder done than said! Don't think we were able to achieve it in the end. 

Looking back on these photos makes me feel happy and I want to do a lot more photo shoots this summer! Hahaha, must start working out because I am seriously feeling changes from my unhealthy lifestyle lately. Ughs..... 

Please let me know how you like the new blog skin, and any suggestions would be very appreciated!

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  1. I love it girl, looks good and am really impressed I couldnt do anything to change my blog so I hired a blog designer which is good and bad anyway... I love love it u did a great job and for the photoshoot I love the 3 dresses they are just perfect u look sooo beautiful


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