Sunday, June 30, 2013


Ughs, I haven't blogged in foreverrrrrrr and it's killing me!!

I am having a really bad writer/blogger's block that I am trying to fight through. I don't know what to blog about even though I have been active in my life. O_o ... Blogger's block.. you are drunk, go home! (Or is it the other way around? I don't 9gag enough for this shit.)

Thank goodness for my phone... I try to take lots of pictures each day in case for a potential Instagram photo. But since they rarely ever make it on there, I decided to post them on my blog. (I usually try to post only high quality photos on my blog with my camera.. but I rarely even touch that thing or bring it out. Derp derp.)

Here's a FANTASTIC picture to start off this blog entry:

Lolol "touch kids", laughed for a good 5 mins about this. Am I too immature? :X


First time making tempura! I need to coat more batter onto the veggies. Lesson learned. :) It was also too soft for the texture.. Gordan Ramsay would not be very happy. But I was content with it for my very first try. And holy shit it uses so much oil!!  Sushi, and pretzel is up next on my list.

I've transferred schools and am now attending Monsters University. :D

Three of the millions of selfies I took when I went to see Wongfu!


Anddddd this is what I'm doing while waiting for my blogger's block to go away.. featuring my legs & Hello Kitty PJS! Xo.

See you in July!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Here's my "excuse" for being MIA.

"What if it gives cancer to my face?" - an excerpt quote from my videooooooo; thus explains this unflattering expression I'm making with my face. 

Editing this shit while lagging the whole damn time. 

I think now I understand why Youtube gurus hate the editing process. It's fun, -but not when the sound and video are playing at different speeds. 

Oh, and what kind of music can I put in? So many music laws, I don't wanna get banned from my first video. Sigh. :(

Also I regret wearing that dress in the video because of the amount of boobage. Fuck. But seriously, whose complaining? Unless you're gay. Kidding. Everyone loves boobies! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Not Interested.

Like Taylor Swift who is known for penning her love life through her music, I will be posting about my weird encounters with guys on my blog.

I'll probably get my ass bitten back eventually by karma, but whatever this guy was asking for it.

Don't worry, not gonna publish any formal names and we will be directing this guy as "Robert." (First name that popped in my head.)

So I met this guy at a soiree I attended a few months ago. It was a formal business event to allow business students to meet with fellow "professionals" who worked in Human Resources departments. I never been to one in my life, it was a good experience even though most of the time it was spent trying to build the confidence to act cool, and try to slyly slide into conversations with people, -"mingling" is the word. Oh boy, they make it seem a lot easier on television than it really is. Especially in a room full of fellow students in their early twenties all dressed in suits, and trying to sound bussiness-sy, and everyone trying to get a minute with the Professionals.

I managed to be able to talk to one of the Professional, but I kid you not, not even 20 fucking seconds into our awkward conversation of

"Hi! My name is Tifa, nice to meet you. :D"
"Hello, Are you a student in Human Resources?"
"Ummm no.. I'm in Business but my dream is become a CEO, sorta like Sheryl Sandberg."
"Oh... well that's a big dream.." -starts to look past me, and loses interest.-

Next second you know another stupid student found the perfect opportunity to snatch her away from me! Ugh, fuck both bitches. Maybe I should have known what Human Resources [hiring people, and dealing with employee matters like safety and health] is about first before saying I'm not in that department, and I'm just here to support my cousin. Whoop, fail.

Damn, I was sweating through my dress so hard that day. FACK.

This nervousness, and loneliness lead me to desperation to finding a friend -in anyone apparently. The best way for me to open up a conversation is with a male acquaintance (sorry for sexism, but it's not my fault gamers are usually associated with males), and ask them if they played any games specifically League of Legends.

I managed to find one guy, Robert. He did not play League of Legends, but we talked about random shit like whats a good pub, about my online trolling.. random shit I like to tell strangers to make myself seem interesting. In this case.. maybe too interesting. During the time that I did not have anyone talked to, I turned to my phone. But of course I was careful not to whip it out at all times to avoid look unprofessional. :3 So naturally when he asked for my number, I couldn't say no. -_-

Biggest. Mistake. Of. My. Life.

Here I'll let the photos do the talking:


I give this fucker NO reply and he insists on continuing on and try to say things to make me reply. 

Fuck idiots.

How come he can't understand what NOT INTERESTED means?

Should have made up an excuse about the phone being my mom's the moment he told me he failed 5 job interviews in a row. Something like that. Ugh.