Sunday, June 30, 2013


Ughs, I haven't blogged in foreverrrrrrr and it's killing me!!

I am having a really bad writer/blogger's block that I am trying to fight through. I don't know what to blog about even though I have been active in my life. O_o ... Blogger's block.. you are drunk, go home! (Or is it the other way around? I don't 9gag enough for this shit.)

Thank goodness for my phone... I try to take lots of pictures each day in case for a potential Instagram photo. But since they rarely ever make it on there, I decided to post them on my blog. (I usually try to post only high quality photos on my blog with my camera.. but I rarely even touch that thing or bring it out. Derp derp.)

Here's a FANTASTIC picture to start off this blog entry:

Lolol "touch kids", laughed for a good 5 mins about this. Am I too immature? :X


First time making tempura! I need to coat more batter onto the veggies. Lesson learned. :) It was also too soft for the texture.. Gordan Ramsay would not be very happy. But I was content with it for my very first try. And holy shit it uses so much oil!!  Sushi, and pretzel is up next on my list.

I've transferred schools and am now attending Monsters University. :D

Three of the millions of selfies I took when I went to see Wongfu!


Anddddd this is what I'm doing while waiting for my blogger's block to go away.. featuring my legs & Hello Kitty PJS! Xo.

See you in July!

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