Monday, July 29, 2013

New Updates with Me

1) I got stun by a bee for the first time

In the most stupidest way possible, I was hitting the bee away as reflex while eating my burger and managed to hit it TO my thigh. And then it stunned me. Whoop. -_-

I always wondered how it felt to be stunned before. It hurt for a bit, and I was getting scared when it started to swell out pretty huge. I put ice and honey on it and the the swelling swelled down a lot. But my friend next to me kept telling me it would get "a lot worse and painful later." Luckily it didn't, and I never had to take the stinger out since it fell out earlier. :O

2) I'm a blonde!

Well technically it's an "ashe brown" but in certain lights, it looks blonder or caramel. You probably knew about this if you saw my last post & follow me on Instagram. : )

I'm loving it so far!! I've went blonde twice before, but not in this shade. I feel more myself (since I had ALWAYS had an obsession with being blonde) and can't wait to go lighter along the years. Funny thing is, it makes anything I wear that's slightly revealing sluttier than when I had black hair. LOL

3) Pacific Rim

I wanted to put this down because this movie is AWESOME. Go watch it now if you love a good action movie!! :)

This song is really good to add to your work out playlist as well.

4) First Wedding + Adventure to Whistler

As a fellow Vancouverite, I have actually never went up to the mountains to Whistler before. Main reason is because I'm not a big fan of boarding and all that good stuff. :P

But my friend actually invited me to be his plus one for his older sister's wedding. How sweet! It's beyond beautiful there.

My OOTD for the Wedding:

Not sure why many people did not want to sit, most were standing at the back. LOL

I have like 50 pics of myself in the hotel before the ceremoy hahaha.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Not sure what took me so long but I have finally signed up for Bloglovin! It already made my blog-browsing life a lot easier. So if you own a blog, and haven't signed up for yet, I would highly recommend you to do so!

After that, feel free to follow my blog as well. :D

New Hair ~~~

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photoshoot at the Beach

Yes! At least this summer I can now check off the beach on my Summer To-Do List 2013. Every year I'm always craving to go to the beach and tan everyday in a tiny bikini that I had hauled over the past months. But for some odd reason... I don't go often enough. Or even worse like last year, I did not even go AT ALL. What's wrong with me?!?! Vancouver only has two months of decent 'beach weather.' I should be taking advantage of it. ZzZzzZ Procastionation OP!

So one spontaneous day, I decided it was time to work on my non-existant tan and dragged my friend & I down to the beach. Loving the bikini fringed style this year that's going around. This isn't exactly the right 'fringed' look I was looking for, but I got it at Forever 21. I like the ones that scooped down with a nice 'V-neck' shape.

Ever since I took out my camera for a run, my friend has then suddenly discovered his new-found love for photography and I have been conveniently modelling for him! ;) So much easier to have someone take an OOTD for you instead of the lame mirror ones that I take at home. I need to learn some new self-taken outfit mirror shots from Cheesie and Xiaxue! They make it look so easy peasy. (Just like blogging...)

I called this my "Dannie Riel" pose.

Our beaches aren't the nicest, and is incomparable to the likes of Hawaii and such... but the ocean is so beautiful! 

Haha I wasn't alone on the beach... I actually did this in front of a lot of people. For some reason I wasn't as shy as I would have been. I actually photoshopped out the background people. At first I had taken a blue/white paint brush and painted them over. But when it came to harder ones (like the first pic) which had a group of friends really close by to myself, I used the clone stamp. 

One of my fav shot in this whole collection. :) Beautiful weather!

I was being sun smart and applied sunscreen everywhere (especially my delicate face) but I still managed to miss a spot above my boobs! So now I have a red streak there and the skin is slowly peeling off hahahaha.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Haroooooo Harooooooo

I've been craving Korean food lately and I wanted to find a restaurant in Vancouver that served more than just Korean BBQ. I had tried out a few restaurants before, but I felt none really captured Korean food as well as I had hoped. 

Thanks to good old, I was able to find this restaurant located in the city of Richmond.


A small local Korean restaurant with a very homey feel to it. I love places like these. :)



One thing I absolutely love about going to eat Korean food are the delicious side dishes and appetizers they give you! Yummy salad and congee. :) 

Can't forget the sweet potatoes. My favourite. 


The utensils were in a drawer on the side of the table. How cool is that? There's the option of metal chopsticks (that are often seen in Korean restaurants) and there's the typical wooden ones if you're not used to it.


Kimchi Fried Rice 


Some noodle soup, forgot the name. :X

Beef Tofu Hotpot

One of the side dishes, it's a fish!

Got shaved ice at the mall afterwards for my dessert. Mango shavings with mango flavoured ice cream, kiwis, strawberries, and mangoes! Yummmmm! And very pretty on the eyes.

A photo my friend took outside the restaurant. Thought it would be nice to include it in here. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

OOTD - Darling Daydream

Finally took my baby [my DSLR camera] out for a spin for the very first time since I've bought it!

Sunglass - Ralph Lauren

Shoes - "Run It" Nine West Fall 2012

Dress - H&M Spring 2013

Earrings - Mimosa (local store)

Not the last time it'll see sunlight that's for sure!

Look forward to seeing more HD pics on the blog. Will blog about my day, and there will be yummy Korean food. :)