Tuesday, August 27, 2013

aritzia warehouse sale

Once every year the Aritzia holds a HUGE warehouse sale event where they would sell their old/rejected clothing for a discounted price. I used to line up at 5AM before opening to get in. I haven't been going diligently for the past few years since my love for Aritzia has died down gradually. (I don't like how ridiculously over priced their items are, and when they do have their sales, it's just $5 off a $150 sweater. -yay!) But back in high school, I would spend tons and tons of (my mother's) money [that she bought for me] on their jackets, and spandex. [Vancouver went through this whole phase where wearing yoga spandex was a trendy cool thing.  And that's how we got listed as the worst-dressed city.]

My best friend Mickey invited me to the Pre-sale Family & Friends event since she knew someone that worked there with extra tickets. I have never been to the pre-sale before and was a bit curious since I've always heard all the good stuff are available on the first day.

We got there at 3:30pm [opening was at 5pm], and waited in line for about an hour and half.

Fast forward to the opening.

It's def overwhelming when you first step foot into the huge convention room since there are racks and racks of clothes EVERYWHERE, and then you see a mob of girls running in every direction trying to get their hands on the best things possible.

I came to this event with a budget of under $100. Which I must tell you, is very, very hard since most things averaged about $50. But with my experience of the other years, I wasn't able to find anything so my expectations were not that high. I thought my budget was realistic.

The first corner my friend & I tried to conquer were the handbags. Since we can literally see them FLYING out so fast. And get this, they were MARC JACOBS bags. The girl at the counter was still unloading baskets of bags, and the moment they hit the table, hands would be grabbing it left and right. Holy cow were the girls so rude, and fast! I couldn't grab any since I was too slow and nice. QQ

My friend did managed to snatch a very nice one retailed a $400 ish, and discounted for $200. Good deal indeed, but sadly none of us loved it enough to go with the splurge. =(

I tried snapping some pics of the chaos, but I didn't wanna get in trouble if it wasn't allowed or catch some female undressing herself in the corner. -_-

My friend and I did find a good stack of clothing. And I was kindly reminded of when I was working in a retail clothing store, how heavy clothing can be. I need to lift. *cry

Here are some pics of what I tried on. Excuse the long maxi skirt. We were changing in some little exit hallway before we got kicked out. The changing rooms had crazy line ups, and we simply did not have time for that! I was quite smart to wear a maxi dress since I could easily slide up pants at the bottom, then take my skirt off to have a look. We didn't have a mirror, so we had to rely on each other to snap pics. Kekeke.

Varsity Jacket - $75 
No - this took me the longest to decide whether I want it or not. I would have probably got it if the collar would bend properly.

$75, originally $180
Yes - The ONLY dress they had in the whole warehouse and I nabbed it! I love the florals. I already have this dress in an all cream colour.

Yes - I love the bottom and the tiny cute hearts! A bit young looking, but it's okay I'm young.. right?

Yes - I was actually wearing the tank top version of this underneath my dress. Hahaha

After carefully sorting out the 'yes' and 'no' pile, I head to the very long line up queue for check out! Mickey who was still wanted to go around for a Round 2 ran into the wild again in search for the perfect pants, while I claimed I would save a spot for us. I haven't anticipated how fast the line up would be.

I text her I was already in the front, and said I would meet her at McDonald's after wards since we weren't allowed in again. My purchase came to a total of $190. $90 more than what my "budget" was. But it was all because of the one damn dress I really wanted! It was $70 alone. -_-

I handed my VISA happily over to the cashier, and swiped it.


Wait, WHAT?!

Tried again.



I then remember because my Visa only has a limit of $500 (I never realized how ridiculously low this is.), and I had purchased a Wii U for a friend's birthday the other day  for $350. BUT I had RETURNED it because my friend got it for a cheaper deal. And I guess Visa transactions takes a while to go through, so it's saying I only had about $100 to spend on my Visa.

So after all that time picking out rows, and rows of items. Trying out the clothes. Deciding which to get, and which to leave behind. Narrowing it down to four options. I came out with only ONE article. (The floral white dress, $70.)

Sad day indeed.

Lesson learned? Time to apply for a new Visa.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm not sure what took me so long to hop the train, but I finally did it:

Got Animal Crossing! 

I keep hearing people rave about it on Twitter & Tumblr, and thought I might as well give it a try. =) It seems like a Harvest Moon-esque game, which I simple adored on the GBA. I hope I become super addicted to it since I tend to give up on a game 10 minutes after intro. Hehe.

Side Note: How crazy funny was the #VMAS2013? Amazing performances, and Miley Cyrus is a topic of her own. LOLZ Oh and Selena Gomez looked fantastic. I have the hugest girl crush on her. 

Another Side Note: The second biggest Victoria Secret store is opening RIGHT HERE in Van on Tuesday!! An angel is flying in which is not Adriana, Alessandra, Candice, or Miranda. *tear Been waiting a full year for this day. It's apparently the model Adam Levine's is engaged to at the moment. Not gonna bother searching that up. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hiya! Last week from today, I went to the Selena Gomez's Stars Dance concert. Not only did I get to see her live, but also it was the VERY FIRST show of the whole fricken tour! That means we were the first to see her outfits, set list, the show, etc. Pretty good feeling especially when you log onto Tumblr the next morning and you KNOW all the pics taken of Selena was from your home town. *sense of pride.

Although I was bragging to everyone that I had FLOOR SEATS (first time), I didn't realize how far we still were. {30 rows to be exact) T_T I wish I had gotten balcony seats instead since I'm not that tall to see over the hoards of people.. bleh. My friend got like front seats and touched Selena's hand THREE times. Wth lah? Experienced learned from next time. :(

Yes, this is the same pic from the top. I just really like it kkk? You will see it reappear in a collage later on too. Hahahha

Before I spam this post with more pics of myself.. I'm gonna break it with pics of Selena's outfits as the concert.

She was beyond gorgeous in person!! Total envy, but also blown away by such beauty. *_______* ! My favourite outfit is the purple sparkly one but I can't seem to find a good pic of it. When she stepped out on stage with it, I was so memorized. I loved all her outfits, except for the first white one hahaha.

Okay enough of her! And on to me. Heh.

This was my second concert (first behind Britney Spears) so I guess I am more experienced in what to wear for it. :] (lol jk) I think usually people try to dress in the same style as their idols LOL When I went to Britney, there were tons of hot girls in slutty tight dresses ready for clubbing. I remember passing by the venue when Taylor Swift was here... cow boy hats everywhere LOL! And I know Selena loves her crop tops and colour, so chose this fitting top for the event. I never got to wear it ever since I tried so hard to get my hands on it last year. Wait worth, because I'm obsess with it hahaha.

Leather jacket to toughen the look and cover the exposed skin. :P Baggy PJ pants were from Zara. I just got it the day before so I wanted to wear it right away instead of a high-low skirt. 

Cool filter!

Can't say I did not expect it, but man there was a lot of YOUNG LITTLE GIRLS at the concert. I expected 11-13 years old.. but not any younger. Like wtf were you even born 5 years ago when Selena started Wizards? LOL

As for souvenirs, I got a T-shirt and the program. Wasn't planning on to, but my buddy insisted I needed it. :(


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Turning to the Dark Side

I love colour.

And I try to incorporate that as much as possible into my wardrobe. I'm always telling my customers [when they are trying on shoes] to go for the coloured ones because black is so boring, and it's a fun way to spice up your outfits. 

It doesn't necessary mean I never wear black. It's just when I shop, if I had a choice between colour and black, I usually go for the ladder. 

But for some reason, my last haul basically considered of all black. O_O

Not sure if I've been trying to think ahead for the Fall/Winter season (the rain/snow ruining my light-coloured clothing), or I've just decided to go back to basics. 

Left: H&M Maxi Skirt $20. Right: Infinity Love Crop Tee from Urban Behaviour $8

I don't have my DSLR with me so to make up for the low quality iPhone pics.. I worked really hard on various editing apps to make the pics & collages look interesting and fun. I hope you guys like them!

The other day I realized I don't have much 'basics' in my closet, so I grabbed a cottoned maxi skirt that I can wear basically whenever I want. Also it's so comfy!!! I love to wear dresses, so maxis are a great replacement when the weather is a bit chillier. Debating on going back to grab more colours like navy. 

I had to debate a while if I really wanted to get the crop tee because although I love the meaning and message of the logo... it's getting really overplayed on Tumblr, via tattoos, and little teenaged girls.. but whatever, I like it. This is also my very first crop tee that I bought this summer. *tear I've been looking a while for the *perfect* one. It came in a grey version as well that I actually liked better, but sadly I didn't like the way it was on me. [Time to work on dem abs! ;)]

Left & Right: H&M Basics Dress $14 Middle: Tiger Crop Tee $5 at Urban Behaviour

The black dress was part of my 'basics' haul as well. Great fitted, and I like how I can easily accessorize it with a statement necklace (like so in the picture) or a cardigan during the Fall. Deciding on what other colour to get as well. I want a wintery colour.. like maroon red or a wood green.

Tiger/lions/galaxy seem to be very trendy this year. I managed to stay away from them since I try to stay away from things that only lasts a season. But this shirt was only $5, and I thought it looked pretty bad ass on my chest. :]

Chanel Inspired tank with fringes from Urban Behaviour $5

Another $5 steal from the amazing Urban Behaviour sale! I saw this in a long tank form (without the ugly fringes) at another store a month ago but I DID NOT grab it and I regret it so! Can't seem to find it again since except for this version.. but whatever, it was on sale and I'm gonna see if I can snipe out the bottom part. 

PS. I really hate this photo and I think it is SO unflattering. /justanote

Hope y'all enjoyed their post !!! Xoxo

Photo Apps: Diptic for Frames/Filter, Meitu for Filter, Lumie for brokeh, & raikuga for stamps.