Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hiya! Last week from today, I went to the Selena Gomez's Stars Dance concert. Not only did I get to see her live, but also it was the VERY FIRST show of the whole fricken tour! That means we were the first to see her outfits, set list, the show, etc. Pretty good feeling especially when you log onto Tumblr the next morning and you KNOW all the pics taken of Selena was from your home town. *sense of pride.

Although I was bragging to everyone that I had FLOOR SEATS (first time), I didn't realize how far we still were. {30 rows to be exact) T_T I wish I had gotten balcony seats instead since I'm not that tall to see over the hoards of people.. bleh. My friend got like front seats and touched Selena's hand THREE times. Wth lah? Experienced learned from next time. :(

Yes, this is the same pic from the top. I just really like it kkk? You will see it reappear in a collage later on too. Hahahha

Before I spam this post with more pics of myself.. I'm gonna break it with pics of Selena's outfits as the concert.

She was beyond gorgeous in person!! Total envy, but also blown away by such beauty. *_______* ! My favourite outfit is the purple sparkly one but I can't seem to find a good pic of it. When she stepped out on stage with it, I was so memorized. I loved all her outfits, except for the first white one hahaha.

Okay enough of her! And on to me. Heh.

This was my second concert (first behind Britney Spears) so I guess I am more experienced in what to wear for it. :] (lol jk) I think usually people try to dress in the same style as their idols LOL When I went to Britney, there were tons of hot girls in slutty tight dresses ready for clubbing. I remember passing by the venue when Taylor Swift was here... cow boy hats everywhere LOL! And I know Selena loves her crop tops and colour, so chose this fitting top for the event. I never got to wear it ever since I tried so hard to get my hands on it last year. Wait worth, because I'm obsess with it hahaha.

Leather jacket to toughen the look and cover the exposed skin. :P Baggy PJ pants were from Zara. I just got it the day before so I wanted to wear it right away instead of a high-low skirt. 

Cool filter!

Can't say I did not expect it, but man there was a lot of YOUNG LITTLE GIRLS at the concert. I expected 11-13 years old.. but not any younger. Like wtf were you even born 5 years ago when Selena started Wizards? LOL

As for souvenirs, I got a T-shirt and the program. Wasn't planning on to, but my buddy insisted I needed it. :(



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