Saturday, August 17, 2013

Turning to the Dark Side

I love colour.

And I try to incorporate that as much as possible into my wardrobe. I'm always telling my customers [when they are trying on shoes] to go for the coloured ones because black is so boring, and it's a fun way to spice up your outfits. 

It doesn't necessary mean I never wear black. It's just when I shop, if I had a choice between colour and black, I usually go for the ladder. 

But for some reason, my last haul basically considered of all black. O_O

Not sure if I've been trying to think ahead for the Fall/Winter season (the rain/snow ruining my light-coloured clothing), or I've just decided to go back to basics. 

Left: H&M Maxi Skirt $20. Right: Infinity Love Crop Tee from Urban Behaviour $8

I don't have my DSLR with me so to make up for the low quality iPhone pics.. I worked really hard on various editing apps to make the pics & collages look interesting and fun. I hope you guys like them!

The other day I realized I don't have much 'basics' in my closet, so I grabbed a cottoned maxi skirt that I can wear basically whenever I want. Also it's so comfy!!! I love to wear dresses, so maxis are a great replacement when the weather is a bit chillier. Debating on going back to grab more colours like navy. 

I had to debate a while if I really wanted to get the crop tee because although I love the meaning and message of the logo... it's getting really overplayed on Tumblr, via tattoos, and little teenaged girls.. but whatever, I like it. This is also my very first crop tee that I bought this summer. *tear I've been looking a while for the *perfect* one. It came in a grey version as well that I actually liked better, but sadly I didn't like the way it was on me. [Time to work on dem abs! ;)]

Left & Right: H&M Basics Dress $14 Middle: Tiger Crop Tee $5 at Urban Behaviour

The black dress was part of my 'basics' haul as well. Great fitted, and I like how I can easily accessorize it with a statement necklace (like so in the picture) or a cardigan during the Fall. Deciding on what other colour to get as well. I want a wintery colour.. like maroon red or a wood green.

Tiger/lions/galaxy seem to be very trendy this year. I managed to stay away from them since I try to stay away from things that only lasts a season. But this shirt was only $5, and I thought it looked pretty bad ass on my chest. :]

Chanel Inspired tank with fringes from Urban Behaviour $5

Another $5 steal from the amazing Urban Behaviour sale! I saw this in a long tank form (without the ugly fringes) at another store a month ago but I DID NOT grab it and I regret it so! Can't seem to find it again since except for this version.. but whatever, it was on sale and I'm gonna see if I can snipe out the bottom part. 

PS. I really hate this photo and I think it is SO unflattering. /justanote

Hope y'all enjoyed their post !!! Xoxo

Photo Apps: Diptic for Frames/Filter, Meitu for Filter, Lumie for brokeh, & raikuga for stamps.

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