Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goodbye September & RiRi Haul


And another week has gone by.

It was just Monday, and now all of a sudden we are nearing the end of the week. All that time spent working, and catching up on school work really does take a lot of your time.

But I have been planning and thinking about the blog as well. Working on a beauty review which will hopefully be up by next week, and planning to film a Hits & Misses video.  [ In case you were wondering about the video I was editing a while back, it has been dumped since I was not satisfied with it. I acted too ditsy in it! :P ]

One of the highlights of my week was getting my hands on the Rihanna "RiRi" MAC Collection that has just launched this past Thursday.

As much as I love MAC, I find myself only going there whenever there's a themed collection out. I realize after a while that it's just some products from their permanent line with brand new packaging for the same price with one or two new colours. And I'm obviously a huge sucker for packaging. Hehehe

Although honestly for a much hyped collection it is not that great, but the packaging is simply stunning with the pink rose gold.

My first MAC eye shadow quad. Actually my FIRST MAC eyeshadows ever. That helps justifies the $52 price tag right? :S This is the Her Cocoa palette. According to reviews, the other palette Smoked Cocoa's formula is a bit more chalky which turns me off. Another neutral palette, why the hell not. 

Happy to grab the infamous lipstick of the summer -Riri Woo. I didn't even try it on, just told the sales lady I wanted it. ;-) Hopefully this impulsive move does not backfires on me. 

Another product I am interested in this collection is the highlighter rightfully named, Diamonds. But I already have NARS' Albatross which I use for all my looks. Don't think this will make a huge different to my look. Gasps, I actually talked myself out of a buy!

Maybe I'll get around to reviewing these if I get the chance. :-) If not, there's a thousand beauty bloggers/vloggers out there that will do the job for me. Harhar.

With that, September has gone by and this will most likely be the last blog post of the month!

So see ya in October. :-)


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Hours

As much as I love my girlfriends... truth is, I don't put in enough effort to see them!

(And I get shit all the time for that from a certain girlfriend, cough*)

But when it comes to their birthdays 99.9999999999% of the time it would be an automatic YES from me. Worse thing that happened is probably a scheduled shift at work that I could not book off, and I would come a bit late.

No this isn't the birthday girl. But she's always great at reminding me how shitty I am at keeping in touch. :-)

Here she is, my Daisy! I can't believe I forgot to taken a picture WITH her. Another strike for being a bad friend. :( Regardless, Happy Birthday Daisy! 

We had dinner at Ebisu (sushi restaurant) during their Happy Hour. 

I believe these were the appetizers they provided. Although I eat sushi a lot, I always forget the names of these two meals!

Future lawyer and doctor! Imagine how I feel when I have lunch with them both and they talk about Law and Medical school. -_- But I'm very, very proud of them regardless. They both continually inspire me to work harder, and give me endless support whenever I need it. Xo.

My gorgeous cousin (left) with my beautiful bestie (right). Ugh, totally envy these natural beauties that can get away with minimal makeup and still look so fab!

My limited alcohol consumption is only known to basic shots, and light martinis. I never sat down and had beer. And now I know why people it prefer it more. I like it a lot better than getting my ass drunk right away from 2 shots.

Bad photography, but this is basically Alfredo pasta (but with udon). Asianfied. It was meh. Not good, not bad. Probably would never order it again to be honest.

Fantastic chicken wings. Seriously, you should never fuck up chicken wings anyways. We had another order of wings that was a bit more wet, but I don't why I did not take a picture of it?? Was probably too busy nomming on these fuckers, and trying to hog as much as I could without getting caught. :D 

This girl, Dee, always make me feel like I can conquer the world. I obviously don't tell you enough how much your support means to me, and appreciate how you constantly give me the strength to chase my silly dreams. :P 

This is beef tongue. My cousin Kat ate this without realizing what it was, and started freaking out afterwards. Hahaha! Totally ruined my appetite for it afterwards.

One of the highlight meal of the night were definitely these oysters! I love my Tabasco sauce, I need to get my own bottle for my birthday. *hint hint

Group photo!

I just realized at this point of the blog that I did not take ANY pictures of the sushi. It wasn't much or amazing, but kinda odd for me. I must have been so hungry and impatient at that point since the food took foreverrrrr to come. We got there at 8:30 and left at 11pm! I was shocked at how late it was because a meal out averages around an hour, or two (for birthdays.) But I figured the long time wait between food must have consumed most of the hours. 

I know! A bit embarrassing, but you can clearly see my asian flush here that I cannot remove in Photoshop. This is me and Betina, whom I see once a year (at Daisy's birthday). I always joke when I say good bye to her, "SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!" Very sweet, funny girl that I wouldn't mind getting to know more. :)

HUGE thank you to my best friend, Mickey for taking these pics! The ones *I* took when we switched all turned out blurry...Sigh. :(

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fairytale of Two Cities

I'm almost ready to say good bye to summer!


All thanks to the rain storm that's has been kindly constantly reminding me. Like OKAY I get it, Fall is here; Summer is gone. Sheesh.

Before summer officially ended, I had a chance to do one last photo-shoot before the sun is gone for six months. Since it was a bit last minute, I did not had much time to prepare and we sorta just went with it.

Here are the results!

Most of the photos in the blue dress set turned out really unflattering, and the only ones I really liked were the ones that captured the sky and clouds. Thank you Mr. Photographer!

Check out the My Little Pony tattoo of Rainbow Dash that I hauled from the Dollar Store! :3

View of the whole dress.

I keep raving how much I am in love with my blonde hair.. but I must admit in these photos, it DOES NOT prove that. Not sure if it was the combination of the green and yellow colour mix, or just because the sun likes to turn my ashe colour into a more orangey tone... Either way, I really need a dye job soon! And I'm not planning to go back to black soon either. :P

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Week of School

Accounting. Business Law. Quantitative Method.

The three courses I'll be taking this semester.

Apparently Accounting is the #1 business course with the HIGHEST FAILING rate, and second to be is Quantitative Method. And as you can see, I am taking two of those at once. Can anyone say G fucking G?

Accounting - My teacher seems young and hip. Also very willing to help, which I love. There was a girl in sweats, with hair in a messy bun that rocked red suede heels on the first day of class. Hm, interesting. Koodos to her for being able to walk in those around school. I love my heels, but I cannot wear them when I know I need to walk around alot. I sat beside some asian kid that came in late. Seems quiet, but once he opened his mouth, I sense he probably has quite a humor and would be fun to get to know.

Business Law - I awkwardly came in a minute late because of the traffic on my way there (due to my Type A Personality, I HATE being late and am super anal about time management). My teacher is a practicing lawyer, and he shared a lot of his personal experiences with us on the first day. I think this class will be very fun and educational. Always inspirational to have a successful rich person who owns a hot tub as a prof.

Quantitative Method - Math. That is all I have to say. It's gonna be a scary semester.

The most crucial point of a school year/semester is the beginning where you can prevent yourself from falling behind. Trying to learn from my past mistakes.

Time to study.~

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Food Poisoning

Herro, herro!

On Wednesday night I was plagued with this horrid virus called FOOD POISONING. I woke up at around 4am on Thursday and starting taking a dump. Then again at 6. And twice at 8. I felt really fatigued the night before I went to bed, and was wondering why I still felt that way.

After suffering for another hour, and having horrid stomach pains.. I concluded I had gotten the stomach flu/food poisoning. I laid on my bed till the late afternoon, barely moving, and basically crying to anyone who would listen to me about how I felt.

Fast forward to Friday, it was one of my close friend's birthday! Well his official bday was on Saturday, but I had planned an event for him in advance. It was quite a stressful day trying to organize everything while being very very under the weather. I just wanted to crawl in bed, and sleep all day. I was also afraid to eat anything because it would come right back up. :X

We went to eat Red Robins (which is one of his favourite restaurant) and came back to open his present! The six of us had chipped in to buy him a ...


Good friends or wat, lah? :D

I recorded his reaction too, and it is very touching.

First words that came out of his mouth when he saw it: Ah fuck! 


So that went well. I was about to head home after, but interesting topics came up and I stuck around to listen and gossip. [Let's just say I learned a lot of new terms of "positions."] Someone then came up with the idea of doing a 1v1 mini League tournament between the group of us, and that was pretty fun to watch/play. :D

School starts tomorrow for most, don't really have much to say about it yet.