Friday, September 6, 2013

First Week of School

Accounting. Business Law. Quantitative Method.

The three courses I'll be taking this semester.

Apparently Accounting is the #1 business course with the HIGHEST FAILING rate, and second to be is Quantitative Method. And as you can see, I am taking two of those at once. Can anyone say G fucking G?

Accounting - My teacher seems young and hip. Also very willing to help, which I love. There was a girl in sweats, with hair in a messy bun that rocked red suede heels on the first day of class. Hm, interesting. Koodos to her for being able to walk in those around school. I love my heels, but I cannot wear them when I know I need to walk around alot. I sat beside some asian kid that came in late. Seems quiet, but once he opened his mouth, I sense he probably has quite a humor and would be fun to get to know.

Business Law - I awkwardly came in a minute late because of the traffic on my way there (due to my Type A Personality, I HATE being late and am super anal about time management). My teacher is a practicing lawyer, and he shared a lot of his personal experiences with us on the first day. I think this class will be very fun and educational. Always inspirational to have a successful rich person who owns a hot tub as a prof.

Quantitative Method - Math. That is all I have to say. It's gonna be a scary semester.

The most crucial point of a school year/semester is the beginning where you can prevent yourself from falling behind. Trying to learn from my past mistakes.

Time to study.~

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At September 11, 2013 at 7:53 PM , Blogger suki pooki said...

Whoa sounds like an intense semester! I took a business law class before and that was a lot of fun, I hope yours is too! Good luck to you on the new school year! =D

I'm def trying to stay on the ball this time. I did pretty well last year but am taking more courses now ><


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