Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Hours

As much as I love my girlfriends... truth is, I don't put in enough effort to see them!

(And I get shit all the time for that from a certain girlfriend, cough*)

But when it comes to their birthdays 99.9999999999% of the time it would be an automatic YES from me. Worse thing that happened is probably a scheduled shift at work that I could not book off, and I would come a bit late.

No this isn't the birthday girl. But she's always great at reminding me how shitty I am at keeping in touch. :-)

Here she is, my Daisy! I can't believe I forgot to taken a picture WITH her. Another strike for being a bad friend. :( Regardless, Happy Birthday Daisy! 

We had dinner at Ebisu (sushi restaurant) during their Happy Hour. 

I believe these were the appetizers they provided. Although I eat sushi a lot, I always forget the names of these two meals!

Future lawyer and doctor! Imagine how I feel when I have lunch with them both and they talk about Law and Medical school. -_- But I'm very, very proud of them regardless. They both continually inspire me to work harder, and give me endless support whenever I need it. Xo.

My gorgeous cousin (left) with my beautiful bestie (right). Ugh, totally envy these natural beauties that can get away with minimal makeup and still look so fab!

My limited alcohol consumption is only known to basic shots, and light martinis. I never sat down and had beer. And now I know why people it prefer it more. I like it a lot better than getting my ass drunk right away from 2 shots.

Bad photography, but this is basically Alfredo pasta (but with udon). Asianfied. It was meh. Not good, not bad. Probably would never order it again to be honest.

Fantastic chicken wings. Seriously, you should never fuck up chicken wings anyways. We had another order of wings that was a bit more wet, but I don't why I did not take a picture of it?? Was probably too busy nomming on these fuckers, and trying to hog as much as I could without getting caught. :D 

This girl, Dee, always make me feel like I can conquer the world. I obviously don't tell you enough how much your support means to me, and appreciate how you constantly give me the strength to chase my silly dreams. :P 

This is beef tongue. My cousin Kat ate this without realizing what it was, and started freaking out afterwards. Hahaha! Totally ruined my appetite for it afterwards.

One of the highlight meal of the night were definitely these oysters! I love my Tabasco sauce, I need to get my own bottle for my birthday. *hint hint

Group photo!

I just realized at this point of the blog that I did not take ANY pictures of the sushi. It wasn't much or amazing, but kinda odd for me. I must have been so hungry and impatient at that point since the food took foreverrrrr to come. We got there at 8:30 and left at 11pm! I was shocked at how late it was because a meal out averages around an hour, or two (for birthdays.) But I figured the long time wait between food must have consumed most of the hours. 

I know! A bit embarrassing, but you can clearly see my asian flush here that I cannot remove in Photoshop. This is me and Betina, whom I see once a year (at Daisy's birthday). I always joke when I say good bye to her, "SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!" Very sweet, funny girl that I wouldn't mind getting to know more. :)

HUGE thank you to my best friend, Mickey for taking these pics! The ones *I* took when we switched all turned out blurry...Sigh. :(


  1. Seems like you had a lovely evening! ^^
    ..I know exactly what you mean by not putting in enough effort to see your friends. I have the same problem :s But when someone forces me to go out with them I always have so much fun -.-' argh :D So i dunno why I continue being difficult.. :D It's just something that happens and I can't explain XD

    My Blog: s w e e t i m p a t i e n c e

    1. Took the words right out my mouth! It's not like I DON'T have fun with my friends... but I continue to be difficult. xD Haha us humans.. so weird. :P

  2. yaa it's hard to find time to see girlfriends! but looks like you had a lot of fun, and those oysters look delicious!

    1. thanks !! :) and yeah it was pretty good. i love tabasco sauce xo


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