Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Illuminating Powder is What?!?

Another word for highlighter. Am I the only one who didn't realize that till now? I wish I did because then I wouldn't have purchased another damn "illuminating powder.'

At least it looks pretty? :S

I need to start investing in some lip liners since they are basically the foundation in achieving long lasting, clean lips. I automatically assumed Milani was a good brand without really testing the product.. it smudged so easily on my hands. Uh oh.

Here's a red lip liner in 02 True Red. I bought it to use with my new MAC lipstick, Riri Woo.

A $20 set of NYX lippies. NYX Lippies are generally around $5/6 so I guess it isn't that much of a steal. But after trying out the Butter Gloss that I blogged about recently, I'm IN LOVE with NYX products! They are so, so fantastic and inexpensive. Can't wait to try this set out!

The promo allowed me to get a FREE NYX Jumbo Pencil which I have chosen in 724 Chaos. I can wear it by itself and is very pigmented. Yay! 

Not too much of an exciting post here.

Blogging about my best friend's birthday next week. Finally uploaded ALL the pictures onto my computer and will edit it in the next few days. ~

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stranger Encounter

I don't know why but having strangers come up and talk to me is a common occurrence.

I don't exactly like it, but I don't hate it either.

Because most of the time, I learn quite interesting things from and about them.

But today, I really wasn't up for it. After surviving a brutal math midterm, and having a 3 hour study session right after it... you can't blame me right? I was hungry as heo as well.

On my way back home, I was riding on the bus with a flock of other university students since our school basically only has one bus to get out of there. I sat across this guy who was having a nice conversation with his female companion. From what I recall, he was wearing a red hoodie and dark washed jeans. Average university student wear. I briefly over heard them talking about school, and sharing little facts about themselves. When we got off the bus, they said their goodbyes to each other. But before that, I heard her asking him, "Oh sorry I didn't catch your name?"

Ah, so they are new acquaintances.

Whatever, I didn't think much about it. I just simply pulled out my Sony headphones that was buried deep in my back pack and pressed play to my theme song of the moment, Britney's "Work Bitch" while waiting for my next bus to arrive.

Not even 10 complete seconds into the song, the guy turns to me and asks "You taking this bus as well?" At this point I'm thinking, "Seriously? You're talking to me when I JUST put my headphones on? Please don't start a conversa-"   "You go to [insert school name]?"

Great. My automatic assumption tells me he likes talking/meeting strangers. Nothing wrong with that, but WHY ME, AND WHY NOW. Isn't it an international language "Don't talk to me, leave me alone" when someone has their headphones on?

I answered affirmative to him, and OUT OF POLITENESS, asked, "And you too?"

"Well yeah... I mean we JUST got off the same bus together from there."


He continues to ask me questions about myself, while I try to suck it up and tell myself it might not be so bad...

This other bus that is NOT the one we were waiting for, and goes in a different route arrives. I decide to take that one and was secretly hoping that he would not follow...

He did.

"Mind if I join you?" He says behind me as I walk towards it.


"Nope." I said calmly. Whatever, I get off at the second stop for my third  transfer anyway.

He asks me for my name. At this point I didn't even bother remember what his name is like I normally do with others. Started with a R, and it was a foreign name. I sat on the bus with one headphone still in my left ear, and kept looking at my phone to see if any of my dear good old friends had text me.

Nope. :(

We continued our conversation much to my dismay, until an awkward silence breezed in.

"Umm... now I don't know what else to say."

Good, maybe we should stop the conversation right here so I can go sleep.

"What class you taking?" I asked. Thank goodness I am so good with breaking awkward silences, and always have a set of emergency questions to say during moments like these. But curse myself for allowing this conversation to continue.

It was then almost time for me to get off my stop. I started putting my back pack on, and so he asks me, "Do you have Facebook?"

I don't, I deleted my personal one for a good three years now because it was too toxic for my life. I DO have a new one I made just for Candy Crush though... HAHAHAHA. But I don't use it to communicate with friends or anything.

"Hmmm how about your phone number then?"

I gave a puzzle look. "What for?"

Cause really, we just met at a bus loop. We do not have any same classes together. I don't even remember your damn name.

"Oh you know, so we can hang out and stuff!"

Wtf, seriously hang out? I don't even see my own friends that often to "hang out" with you. 

I looked down at the palm of my hands where my iPhone was. Saying I don't have a phone will def not work this time... but I really don't want [this] to happen again. Poor guy didn't realize he would get trashed on my blog.

For once in that entire convo I laughed, and replied "Nah."

I'm always all about being straight forward and not beating around the bush. This rejection should have been easier for me! Damn myself for being a coward for a split second. But it's okay, I did it. I straight out said no.

Most likely not expecting the answer, his face automatically turned hurt and was like "Ow!" and not to mention he had just got rejected on a public bus with a dozen of other people on their way home. There's bound to be someone who over heard our talk like how I heard his earlier.

I stood up from my seat, but before I left for the door I said cooly, "Don't worry, rejection will make your stronger."

Friday, October 18, 2013

Living in the Present

For over the past two years, I've been fighting an inner battle with myself to move on from a past relationship. Not gonna lie, I'm still battling it but I am in a lot better place than years ago no doubt. There's a specific quote that I want to share with y'all.

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.”

After the relationship, I felt really lost. But over time I've managed to find my happiness again, and I finally understood what they meant on television to "find yourself." Because that's what I did. I found myself, and I was "happier" than ever. I really was. For once in myself I realized the importance of BEING YOURSELF rather than trying to act a certain way to make others like you. 

The problem was, when I went to bed, or am alone on public transit, my mind tends to wander. And 9/10 times, it's to HIM. The past. How it was "better than it was." For a long time, I didn't see anything wrong with it. The thoughts actually comforted me, without realizing that it was robbing me away from my reality. Then something in me snapped last week while on a daily bus ride to school. Everything I have right now will not last forever. You would think the average human would learn that after having people come in and out of their lives so frequently. I guess the thought of forever is so comforting, we always find a way or an excuse to believe in it again.

I'm a really lucky girl.

I have TWO amazing group of friends (that's right, not just one). That I can fall on anytime (I'm fighting with either group, lol jk) or when I am down. My gaming group that I have formed after my relationship has helped me SO MUCH emotionally through gaming and constant laughter.. I am forever in debt to them. My girlfriends are always amazing and including me even though I haven't really done my part in keeping in touch. Always willing to listen to my woes, and encouraging, motivating me to become the person I want to be. :-)

I live in a beautiful city, and have the luxury of experiencing mother nature around me. At least, what is left that the city hasn't touched.

This could all be taken away any time. People grow up, and move on. We all need to go our own paths eventually. I have expressed in the past that I didn't want to live here forever either. Change is inevitable.

So for the first time in two years, as I was looking out the windows of the bus ride, I was appreciating. Every single tree that is/used to be there, the grocery stores that I often shop at that recently had a renovation, the schools where I grew up at that is now taken over by a new generation, and the Rocky mountains ahead of me that I took for granted, standing tall as always.

I no longer want to live in the past, today I will start living in the present.

Unedit photo of myself in 2011. The day after attending the Britney Spears Concert.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Penis Snapchat

H: Shit !! I blew all my load. :(((((

Tifa: Don't worry, I'm picking up your load right now!!!!

- a hilarious moment at our Thanksgiving dinner today while playing on the Wii-U where we had to pick up 35 balls to win while getting chased by another player, and you can DROP the balls to make yourself move faster when you are getting chased. Hence the term 'load.' Cough. Haha I love dirty jokes. :D



Started my Sunday by heading over my friend's house to BOOK FLIGHTS FOR OUR TRIP (will elaborate on that in another post, and when we actually get tickets lol.) She was out at the moment, so I waited in her room and cam-whored since she had such perfect lighting in there. 

Playing with my new app, Beautiful Mess. :-) We are very thankful!! 

Finally convinced my friend to get Snapchat and this is the first shit he snapchats me... -_- Starting to regret already? 

Thankful for you ALL! :) *heart* *heart*

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Favourite Fall Lippie Combination

A new season, calls for new lipsticks.

Nah I'm kidding. Sort of.

The beauty of lip products are how many textures and forms it comes in: Lipstick, gloss, liners.

And with these three options, you can either 1) wear them by themselves or 2) combine one or two to make a new lip colour & look without having to spend a dime.

During the Spring/Summer I was often sporting pink lips. Now that it's Fall and the colours are a bit warmer, I prefer to wear a more natural toned shade that compliments my neutral eyes.

My very first and most favourite Chanel lipstick that I had taken from my mother's make up collection. I had purchased a few more Chanel lipsticks over the years but none has worked as well as this one has. 

Chanel Lipstick in "Escapade Desert Rose" in #47.

I think I found something I love more than lip butter.. NYX's Butter Gloss. 

This lovely shade is in Tiramisu. I swear it smells like it too!

First applying with Chanel's Escapade Desert Rose:

Then with NYX's Butter Gloss in Tiramisu:

Sorry if I managed to kill the post with these pics of my lips... it's so hard to take pics of them and are very weird/unflattering to look at! O_o HOW DO YOU BEAUTY BLOGGERS DO IT?!?!

Meanwhile as Winter slowly creeps up on us, I will be searching for the perfect wine colour to rock! 

What are your lips wearing for Fall? ;)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Project Youtube

It's been a long time goal/dream of mine to start posting videos on Youtube.

How long exactly?

Well my Dad recently found old videos of me that I had filmed with my old Canon digital camera doing various pranks to my brother, interviewing/harassing my brother, and filming a reaction he had to an injury he sustained from banging his knee on a table LOL.

Oh, and apparently I was already a self-absorbed loving vain person back then. I did a lot of what we call today 'vlogs' and one very informative video of how I look like *with* glasses, and gasps without. The rest I did not bother watching because, well... it's quite the fucking embarrassment to the honest. I'm surprised my Dad has kept them all. Oh gosh, what else can be on that memory card?!?! -__- (Btw I was about 11/12 years old back then, in Grade 7. So no, I wasn't at the 'cute' age or anything. Just a bratty pre-teen.)

I talk alot about starting my Youtube channel on my blog too.. it's been over a year and it is still just an inactive illusion.

It's not like I have anyone to blame but myself, of course. ^^"

Fears, insecurities of having your face IN MOTION for the Inter-webs to see for years/possibly forever, and risk that one day, ONE of your family & friends will find it and that will be a HORRIBLE day to come. (I talk like I'm releasing a p0rno lol)

So on Friday I filmed my very first "Hits & Misses of (month)" [month will be announced when video has been decided to upload LOL]

Myself holding a basket of "goodies" to review. 

Fun Fact: The H&M sweater I'm wearing in my video is my new "favourite" buy of the month, and so far I've been wearing it almost everyday. :3 It's so comfy and the maroon colour looks so nice with my lighter hair! Kekeke.

Some screen shots of the video. The picture's lighting has been altered in Photoshop. Sadly I can't do that with the video until I become super pro and am willing to shell out big bucks for good professional quality lighting. *_* Sigh, one day. 

So will this video ever see light of day? Just like how I teased with this post [here], I'm hoping it will. But I've been so picky with every little detail that it's really hard to just say "Yes! you're gonna see it next week on youtube.com/tifamai." But one positive thing I have noticed from my journey is that I *DO* get better at making videos with each failed, and scrapped film.

And after re-watching myself on these videos... it's so easy to see my "flaws" (sounding like an international student when I was born here in Canada, and weird quirks about my face that do not show in photos). I AM in-secured about them, but am slowly trying to learn to get past them. And I totally regret not brushing my hair before filming this.. it's probably all you're gonna look at during the video LOL. (Talking about the top left of my head, the damn strand of hair!

Imperfections are what makes things interesting, right?