Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Illuminating Powder is What?!?

Another word for highlighter. Am I the only one who didn't realize that till now? I wish I did because then I wouldn't have purchased another damn "illuminating powder.'

At least it looks pretty? :S

I need to start investing in some lip liners since they are basically the foundation in achieving long lasting, clean lips. I automatically assumed Milani was a good brand without really testing the product.. it smudged so easily on my hands. Uh oh.

Here's a red lip liner in 02 True Red. I bought it to use with my new MAC lipstick, Riri Woo.

A $20 set of NYX lippies. NYX Lippies are generally around $5/6 so I guess it isn't that much of a steal. But after trying out the Butter Gloss that I blogged about recently, I'm IN LOVE with NYX products! They are so, so fantastic and inexpensive. Can't wait to try this set out!

The promo allowed me to get a FREE NYX Jumbo Pencil which I have chosen in 724 Chaos. I can wear it by itself and is very pigmented. Yay! 

Not too much of an exciting post here.

Blogging about my best friend's birthday next week. Finally uploaded ALL the pictures onto my computer and will edit it in the next few days. ~

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At November 3, 2013 at 1:50 PM , Blogger TheLovelyIfy said...

NYX seems to keep coming out with these amazing products for cheap it's amazing! I am in love with that brand as well as E.L.F. cosmetics. Really nice post ^ ^


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