Monday, October 14, 2013

Penis Snapchat

H: Shit !! I blew all my load. :(((((

Tifa: Don't worry, I'm picking up your load right now!!!!

- a hilarious moment at our Thanksgiving dinner today while playing on the Wii-U where we had to pick up 35 balls to win while getting chased by another player, and you can DROP the balls to make yourself move faster when you are getting chased. Hence the term 'load.' Cough. Haha I love dirty jokes. :D



Started my Sunday by heading over my friend's house to BOOK FLIGHTS FOR OUR TRIP (will elaborate on that in another post, and when we actually get tickets lol.) She was out at the moment, so I waited in her room and cam-whored since she had such perfect lighting in there. 

Playing with my new app, Beautiful Mess. :-) We are very thankful!! 

Finally convinced my friend to get Snapchat and this is the first shit he snapchats me... -_- Starting to regret already? 

Thankful for you ALL! :) *heart* *heart*

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