Saturday, October 5, 2013

Project Youtube

It's been a long time goal/dream of mine to start posting videos on Youtube.

How long exactly?

Well my Dad recently found old videos of me that I had filmed with my old Canon digital camera doing various pranks to my brother, interviewing/harassing my brother, and filming a reaction he had to an injury he sustained from banging his knee on a table LOL.

Oh, and apparently I was already a self-absorbed loving vain person back then. I did a lot of what we call today 'vlogs' and one very informative video of how I look like *with* glasses, and gasps without. The rest I did not bother watching because, well... it's quite the fucking embarrassment to the honest. I'm surprised my Dad has kept them all. Oh gosh, what else can be on that memory card?!?! -__- (Btw I was about 11/12 years old back then, in Grade 7. So no, I wasn't at the 'cute' age or anything. Just a bratty pre-teen.)

I talk alot about starting my Youtube channel on my blog too.. it's been over a year and it is still just an inactive illusion.

It's not like I have anyone to blame but myself, of course. ^^"

Fears, insecurities of having your face IN MOTION for the Inter-webs to see for years/possibly forever, and risk that one day, ONE of your family & friends will find it and that will be a HORRIBLE day to come. (I talk like I'm releasing a p0rno lol)

So on Friday I filmed my very first "Hits & Misses of (month)" [month will be announced when video has been decided to upload LOL]

Myself holding a basket of "goodies" to review. 

Fun Fact: The H&M sweater I'm wearing in my video is my new "favourite" buy of the month, and so far I've been wearing it almost everyday. :3 It's so comfy and the maroon colour looks so nice with my lighter hair! Kekeke.

Some screen shots of the video. The picture's lighting has been altered in Photoshop. Sadly I can't do that with the video until I become super pro and am willing to shell out big bucks for good professional quality lighting. *_* Sigh, one day. 

So will this video ever see light of day? Just like how I teased with this post [here], I'm hoping it will. But I've been so picky with every little detail that it's really hard to just say "Yes! you're gonna see it next week on" But one positive thing I have noticed from my journey is that I *DO* get better at making videos with each failed, and scrapped film.

And after re-watching myself on these videos... it's so easy to see my "flaws" (sounding like an international student when I was born here in Canada, and weird quirks about my face that do not show in photos). I AM in-secured about them, but am slowly trying to learn to get past them. And I totally regret not brushing my hair before filming this.. it's probably all you're gonna look at during the video LOL. (Talking about the top left of my head, the damn strand of hair!

Imperfections are what makes things interesting, right?

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At October 6, 2013 at 11:21 PM , Blogger Rora♥ said...

Yes, I definitely agree with you: Imperfections are what make things interesting :)
I'm not really the one to tell you to upload the vid as I'm nowadays too scared to put my whole face in the interwebs after some not-so-great incidents happened :D But I don't think there's that big difference between photos and vids in that sense, so I'd say go for it! :) At least I'm looking forward to watching it~

You know, I used to follow those super polished "Hits & Misses" beauty product vids on youtube, but I have to confess that they lack the naturalness and feel somehow so not-close-to-you. I just realized that nowadays I only follow the ones that are not that perfect and polished! They are much more interesting ^^

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