Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stranger Encounter

I don't know why but having strangers come up and talk to me is a common occurrence.

I don't exactly like it, but I don't hate it either.

Because most of the time, I learn quite interesting things from and about them.

But today, I really wasn't up for it. After surviving a brutal math midterm, and having a 3 hour study session right after it... you can't blame me right? I was hungry as heo as well.

On my way back home, I was riding on the bus with a flock of other university students since our school basically only has one bus to get out of there. I sat across this guy who was having a nice conversation with his female companion. From what I recall, he was wearing a red hoodie and dark washed jeans. Average university student wear. I briefly over heard them talking about school, and sharing little facts about themselves. When we got off the bus, they said their goodbyes to each other. But before that, I heard her asking him, "Oh sorry I didn't catch your name?"

Ah, so they are new acquaintances.

Whatever, I didn't think much about it. I just simply pulled out my Sony headphones that was buried deep in my back pack and pressed play to my theme song of the moment, Britney's "Work Bitch" while waiting for my next bus to arrive.

Not even 10 complete seconds into the song, the guy turns to me and asks "You taking this bus as well?" At this point I'm thinking, "Seriously? You're talking to me when I JUST put my headphones on? Please don't start a conversa-"   "You go to [insert school name]?"

Great. My automatic assumption tells me he likes talking/meeting strangers. Nothing wrong with that, but WHY ME, AND WHY NOW. Isn't it an international language "Don't talk to me, leave me alone" when someone has their headphones on?

I answered affirmative to him, and OUT OF POLITENESS, asked, "And you too?"

"Well yeah... I mean we JUST got off the same bus together from there."


He continues to ask me questions about myself, while I try to suck it up and tell myself it might not be so bad...

This other bus that is NOT the one we were waiting for, and goes in a different route arrives. I decide to take that one and was secretly hoping that he would not follow...

He did.

"Mind if I join you?" He says behind me as I walk towards it.


"Nope." I said calmly. Whatever, I get off at the second stop for my third  transfer anyway.

He asks me for my name. At this point I didn't even bother remember what his name is like I normally do with others. Started with a R, and it was a foreign name. I sat on the bus with one headphone still in my left ear, and kept looking at my phone to see if any of my dear good old friends had text me.

Nope. :(

We continued our conversation much to my dismay, until an awkward silence breezed in.

"Umm... now I don't know what else to say."

Good, maybe we should stop the conversation right here so I can go sleep.

"What class you taking?" I asked. Thank goodness I am so good with breaking awkward silences, and always have a set of emergency questions to say during moments like these. But curse myself for allowing this conversation to continue.

It was then almost time for me to get off my stop. I started putting my back pack on, and so he asks me, "Do you have Facebook?"

I don't, I deleted my personal one for a good three years now because it was too toxic for my life. I DO have a new one I made just for Candy Crush though... HAHAHAHA. But I don't use it to communicate with friends or anything.

"Hmmm how about your phone number then?"

I gave a puzzle look. "What for?"

Cause really, we just met at a bus loop. We do not have any same classes together. I don't even remember your damn name.

"Oh you know, so we can hang out and stuff!"

Wtf, seriously hang out? I don't even see my own friends that often to "hang out" with you. 

I looked down at the palm of my hands where my iPhone was. Saying I don't have a phone will def not work this time... but I really don't want [this] to happen again. Poor guy didn't realize he would get trashed on my blog.

For once in that entire convo I laughed, and replied "Nah."

I'm always all about being straight forward and not beating around the bush. This rejection should have been easier for me! Damn myself for being a coward for a split second. But it's okay, I did it. I straight out said no.

Most likely not expecting the answer, his face automatically turned hurt and was like "Ow!" and not to mention he had just got rejected on a public bus with a dozen of other people on their way home. There's bound to be someone who over heard our talk like how I heard his earlier.

I stood up from my seat, but before I left for the door I said cooly, "Don't worry, rejection will make your stronger."

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