Sunday, November 17, 2013


I haven't used that word since the very, very early blogging days when I was in Grade 5. (That's right, I technically started 'blogging' ten years ago. Too bad I had a huge gap in between where I stopped running an official blog.)

ALL my exams have fallen on the very first week of December. That's right, that's approximately only two weeks of study time left for me. How brutal.

So, BRB!

Meanwhile, maybe you can catch me updating on Twitter or Instagram. *heart*

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Mickey!

A tad bit late but, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY MICKEY!

Excuse me, but I'm gonna post lots of pictures of my best friend because she's so freaking beautiful and her beauty needs to be shared with the world. *_* Don't you agree?

Last year she was volunteering over seas in our homeland Vietnam so we weren't able to celebrate her birthday together. I remember missing her so, so much! We celebrated at this fancy, elegant restaurant named Five Sails which was right beside the dock! Which means we had access to a beautiful view of the sea right out the window.

This is where I usually share food photos of my meal.. but for some reason, I did not take a picture of my $40 small piece Lobster with a side of mushroom? :S HOW COULD I!?!? #failblogger 

So yeah.. sorry about that. Just gonna be more pictures of us girls and desert. xD

Without flash, picture turns out blurry. But with flash, you can't see the beautiful scene behind us QQ.

Table picture! Poor waiter, made him take this same shot ten times since the lighting was so bad.

They gifted this lovely treat to our birthday girl! :)

While the rest of us get these little goodies to feast upon. :P

Group pic!! Birthday girl's dress is from her Mother's. Hahaha! We both love raiding our mom's closet.

Besides the gazillion of iPhone selfies, this is the ONLY solo picture I had with her! Grr.. sad day.

I really loved the next photo set.. blurry but taken in a span of a few seconds! You can easily feel the lOoOvE.


And now begins.. our mini fail photo shoot session by the staircase...


My friend was like WTF.

Look how freaking short I am compared to this supermodel. :( #demlegs

Oh birthday girl wants to join. Okay.

The only decent shot out of the dozen we took since we were laughing too much!

Lots more birthday coming up this month... including yours truly on December 1!! ;) My wallet ain't that happy since I'm unemployed at the moment. :( But I'm really glad I hauled lots of new dresses this summer that I can wear for these upcoming events. 

I also learned that I'm not very lady like after dining at Five Sails. I need to have better posture, and composure.