Sunday, November 17, 2013


I haven't used that word since the very, very early blogging days when I was in Grade 5. (That's right, I technically started 'blogging' ten years ago. Too bad I had a huge gap in between where I stopped running an official blog.)

ALL my exams have fallen on the very first week of December. That's right, that's approximately only two weeks of study time left for me. How brutal.

So, BRB!

Meanwhile, maybe you can catch me updating on Twitter or Instagram. *heart*


  1. You're not alone, I just had that kinda week last week.. all the exams happened to be on the same week -.-' Good luck with the exams♥! You can do it~!

    Rora from Sweetimpatience | Lifestyle & Beauty blog

    1. Thanks hun!!! I hope you did well :)! <3

  2. Good luck babe! My exam results will be released soon and I'm not looking forward to it. XD


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