Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013!

I'm so happy with 2013!

New growth, new friends, new experiences.

2013 was nothing but a BIG blessing.

Thank you GOD!

There were a lot of FIRSTS! Let's recap, shall we? 

Parents went to Vietnam for a whole two months, leaving my brother & myself on our own for the first time ever. Finally purchased my Canon T3i Rebel. 

Brother and I at a Wedding. 

Freaking met WONGFU. Biked around Stanley Park. Dyed my hair BLONDE x2. Went up to Whistler for a wedding. Made jjangmyun for the first time.

First time at Whistler, and for a wedding!

SELENA GOMEZ CONCERT. Baked some really delicious Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. Went to ANOTHER wedding. Celebrated my 21st Birthday.


Santa pic with my girlies.

And lastly to end off the year, VEGAS!!!

Blog posts coming soon!!! After New Years.

And in between all that is going out to eat to many different places, late night random 2AM talks, and sneaking out for some Churches Chicken.

Thank you 2013. Happy New Year! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013



Hope everyone is having a magical day with their family and closest loved ones!! I went over to my cousin's last night for a Christmas dinner after church and had a good old time. I love the holidays. I'm so glad we have them so I am forced to see those that I don't put enough effort to see regularly. Oh, and I also stepped on the biggest, freshest, piece of dog shit you could ever step on. Fucking Merry Christmas to me.

Prior to that, I had JUST returned from Vegas on Monday night. Phew. Got about 700+ cameras on my camera... I really don't know how I will blog it. Probably my biggest trip to blog about yet. ^^"

Next on my to-blog list is my friend's birthday. End of November-December was one heck of a busy month! Lots of birthday parties [mine included], final exams, VEGAS, and now CHRISTMAS. Damn, so expensive.

The restaurant we got to humbly grace our presence with this time was Miku.

A Japanese restaurant.

The entrance.

The restaurant was soooo gorgeous!! Fell in love with it at first sight. Especially the backdrop of these pictures.

The green tea was the most delicious I have ever tasted. I miss it. 

My beautiful friends and Vegas buddies.

We shared a steak between five people. SO.GOOD.

Cannot recall what this was, but again, it was yummy. Nope, I did not get sponsored. 

One problem I had with this restaurant was the amount of waiting. I've been to fine dining a few times and I understand that it ain't fast food paced. But the time between the steak to the sushi was about.. half an hour or more. Yet we all gobbled up the food in less than 10 mins. Barely full to be honest. Our reservations was for 6:30, and I believe we didn't leave till 9:30 ish. More than half the time spent waiting for food/getting our waiter's attention. -_- 

They had a huge Christmas tree near the front!

Sexy birthday girl and I. ;)

I guess this post came out during the right time for Christmas! :)

The rest of the night, I rather not talk about. One main thing I'll remember about that night is taking half an hour to hail a taxi cab during the pouring rain on my birthday (since it was after midnight) because assholes kept taking our fucking taxis. WTF.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What they say is true...

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Sorry I don't mean to be cliché but it's so true. LOL

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


My vacation is starting in less than 24 hours.


When was the last time I was able to use that word? When I went away for a weekend to Whistler in July.

It's a bit surreal that I'm going to fricken VEGAS tomorrow.

The average person automatically assume my excitement, but I'm a bit more worried and scared. I know, I know. I shouldn't allow myself to feel this way. It's my first vacation with friends and I feel like it can make/break our friendship.

Will be MIA for the next six days! At least on blogger. I wasn't able to do some pre-written blog posts the past few days. :x But my Twitter & Instagram will probably be mildly updated. Andddddd that means major blog posts in the upcoming future right???? :D


I'm not bringing anything technical on my trip either besides my phone due to fear of stolen goods, etc. I would have loved to bring my laptop though.


Bye-bye for now!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's a Birthday Celebration!

One of my biggest regrets that I did on this site is not blogging about my birthday. I've had three birthdays so far since I've created this blog, but I always got too lazy to write out and edit the massive amount of photos that accumulate from an event like this. (Why am I a blogger??)

But this year shall be different. As you can [hopefully] see I've been putting in a lot more effort to update frequently.

I love menus with a nice quote!

Birthdays are a very fragile thing. It's a very sensitive day. You get the biggest sparks of joy when someone takes the time to wish you a happy birthday, and a tinge of offence and hurt when someone forgets. (At least that's how I feel.) I feel that birthdays are a wonderful way to determined who are your true friends. So if you want to stay in my good side, you better remember my damn birthday!! And I don't have Facebook any more to remind you. :P

I turned the big 2-1 this year. AKA I can legally enter clubs and drink alcohol in the United States, just in time for Vegas next week!

One of my downfall is doing things last minute. (I will most likely be packing last minute for my trip as well.) And one of the cons about having a birthday in December is booking reservations for a big party because many companies are having their Christmas dinners as well. I'm happy to see that this year, many high-end restaurants have incorporated a way for you to book your events ONLINE, instead of having to call in. You simply put in the # of your party, date, time, and the computer will generate if that option is available for you or not. :D Most of my options were declined since 7pm is such a popular time. I was freaking out and was cursing myself for procrastinating for a good couple of days. That is until I found out that you can actually find a list of restaurants available at the time of your choice on! The Internet is just getting more and more amazing. And I'm really loving whoever created to make the process of making reservations a whole lot easier.

The choice I ended up making was a beautiful European restaurant, Chambar.

Lovely name isn't it?

The setting was really romantic and relaxing -a great place for a date with a beau! ;) The restaurant was a bit loud though if you were thinking of having a first date there and it would be hard to hear them...

Onwards to the pictures!

Affligem, the drink she got me. It tastes similar to Sapporo. Pretty good!

BFF. :-) (Btw Mickey if you ever see this.. I tried to photoshop the hair out of your face, and add more volume, better thank me!)

Not a lot of food pics in this post, but my meal was fantastic! It's their main dish I believe, L'entrecote Grilee. I was not very found of their kale chips (?) though. I dream of the day I can taste this delicious meat again. *drools*


Proudly rocking that asian flush.

No birthday cake candles so we improvised...

We, we, we so happy!

KATY PERRY!! Been waiting to get my hands on this since the release date but I specifically requested my cousin to get it for me. I love how positive her album is and it brightens up my mornings easily. 

Let's touch on another important topic: 


I remember when I first laid my eyes on Selena's dress at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. I was in awe, fascinated, in love, and not to mention very, very envious. I consider myself quite good at finding fashion duplicates. Another hobby you can say. And although I've found very interesting and amazing dupes over the past year, I never dreamed I would get a dress nearly as close as her custom-made Dolce & Gabbana dress. [It must feel so good to be rich & famous with connections to top designers.] But one day a week before my birthday, when I was at my downtown Forever 21, [not even looking for my birthday dress btw, and I'm known for starting my search two months early] I saw this black dress on the mannequin. The leg slits, the side cutouts, to the halter top, EVEN TO THE DAMN KNOT IN THE MIDDLE, it's basically the exact same dress.


I LOVE FOREVER 21!! (Can I get sponsored now lol?)

Too bad I didn't take more full outfit pictures along with my Cinderella birthday shoes. That's another tip for next year, choose a restaurant with brighter lighting and room! I loved Chambar, service was fantastic but it was a bit of a pain to move around and take pictures since it was so squishy.

That's the end of the first birthday post! (There may be more from another day depends if I have the time to edit more pics, *ahem)

Hope you enjoyed it. xoxo

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Invest in Experiences, Not Things

I have returned.

After a good three weeks away from blogging.

It's been so long, but I'm back and have quite a bit of things to write about. *cheers* (all which would be separated into different blog posts.)

  • New Hair Colour
  • My 21st Birthday Party
  • My friend's 21st Birthday Party

So look forward to those in the upcoming weeks. ^^"

Back to main topic discussion of this post.

I casually mentioned recently that I no longer have a job, I quit back in the beginning of October so income is scarce. But I am coming back to that job for a week during Boxing Week aka the busiest time of the year/hell. And I also have a "side job" (no it's nothing related to being a hooker) as a promo girl. I like how it's so flexible since they would give me a set of dates & time and I can choose which one I am available for. On the plus side, it pays a lot better than minimum wage. Woohoo!

For the month of November, I was dared not able to buy anything for myself. Or face the consequences of having to cook dinner for a whole week. Hell fucking no thanks! I was determined to get through it, and it's not like I had the $$$ to go on a spree anyway.

Come December, and I still haven't bought anything for myself. It's not cause I've gone crazy, there's nothing to buy, or I've stopped by shopping habit, but because I'm saving up for something much, much greater......



Can you read that? It's how excited I am. :DDD

I can't believe I am going with my closest girlfriends!! I've been thinking about travelling a lot this year, and was pretty bummed my Orlando Disneyland trip in summer never came to fruition. My Instagram feed is always filled with groups of friends partying at Vegas, and a lot of customers come into our store [when I worked] looking for their "Vegas shoes." I secretly always envied them... I didn't think I had a group of friends that would be interested in going, and wasn't sure if my parents would let me go. Well now I can get MY OWN Vegas shoes. You can say it's a dream come true!! :)

If you are a Britney Spears fan like myself, you would have heard about her 2-year Vegas Residency that is starting right after Christmas, December 26.

And as much as I would LOVE it so much right now to be able to say, I'M GOING TO HER SHOW.... I'm not. :( Spending Christmas away from family just ain't right. But good thing it is a two year stint so that only means,VEGAS ROUND 2. But yes, I shouldn't get too ahead of myself now. Let's hope I survive the first trip first before thinking of others.

We'll be going the week right before Christmas, and coming back right smack on the 23rd. I can't believe that's a bit more than week from now! Shit, I should start packing. I don't want to be a last minute packer now.

What Vegas, and No-Shop November has taught me is how insignificance materialistic items are. (Damn, I have gone crazy..) Although when I enter a mall, I find so, so many things that I like but I no longer have the urge to impulse shop any more. And as much as it would be lovely to possess them, I would rather save up my money for really amazing things: Travelling & Experiences. 

There's so many other places I want to go within the next few years, one of the big ones being Japan. And what better time to start saving up later than 10 years ago now.

I'm gonna try to update my blog as much as I can to make up for the hiatus AND the upcoming vacation.