Wednesday, December 25, 2013



Hope everyone is having a magical day with their family and closest loved ones!! I went over to my cousin's last night for a Christmas dinner after church and had a good old time. I love the holidays. I'm so glad we have them so I am forced to see those that I don't put enough effort to see regularly. Oh, and I also stepped on the biggest, freshest, piece of dog shit you could ever step on. Fucking Merry Christmas to me.

Prior to that, I had JUST returned from Vegas on Monday night. Phew. Got about 700+ cameras on my camera... I really don't know how I will blog it. Probably my biggest trip to blog about yet. ^^"

Next on my to-blog list is my friend's birthday. End of November-December was one heck of a busy month! Lots of birthday parties [mine included], final exams, VEGAS, and now CHRISTMAS. Damn, so expensive.

The restaurant we got to humbly grace our presence with this time was Miku.

A Japanese restaurant.

The entrance.

The restaurant was soooo gorgeous!! Fell in love with it at first sight. Especially the backdrop of these pictures.

The green tea was the most delicious I have ever tasted. I miss it. 

My beautiful friends and Vegas buddies.

We shared a steak between five people. SO.GOOD.

Cannot recall what this was, but again, it was yummy. Nope, I did not get sponsored. 

One problem I had with this restaurant was the amount of waiting. I've been to fine dining a few times and I understand that it ain't fast food paced. But the time between the steak to the sushi was about.. half an hour or more. Yet we all gobbled up the food in less than 10 mins. Barely full to be honest. Our reservations was for 6:30, and I believe we didn't leave till 9:30 ish. More than half the time spent waiting for food/getting our waiter's attention. -_- 

They had a huge Christmas tree near the front!

Sexy birthday girl and I. ;)

I guess this post came out during the right time for Christmas! :)

The rest of the night, I rather not talk about. One main thing I'll remember about that night is taking half an hour to hail a taxi cab during the pouring rain on my birthday (since it was after midnight) because assholes kept taking our fucking taxis. WTF.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Vegas! girl I missed too much details and posts, I guess I been away fro a long time :S
    u look gorgeous as always love ur dress and ur hair ♥


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