Saturday, July 19, 2014

No Hug, No Ride

So I went on the most awkward date of my life without the knowledge that it was a date.

Backstory ♡ 

- Been friends for over eight years.
- Mostly an "online" friendship through msn since we went to different high schools.
- Met each other in person a few times over the years.

Back track to last summer. Him and I were suppose to go watch Star Trek together, but I bailed out on him because I was simply unmotivated to go and Star Trek wasn't really mah thang.

And being the asshole friend I was/am, I never bothered to reschedule again.

Until now. 

My conscience finally crept up to me and made me feel guilty. A damn year later.

I hurriedly grabbed my iPhone and sent him a text asking him out. 

Just friends. Completely innocent. No other intentions.

It's not like we haven't hung out before.

We set the "date" for 7pm the upcoming Friday to see the new Tom Cruise action-packed thriller Edge of Tomorrow. I wasn't ecstatic about going right after my ten hour shift at work, but he was being so persistent I told myself to man up and repent for my past sins. Also we were suppose to watch Zac Efon's "Neighbors" which I was really looking forward to drooling over Zac's hot bod.

When I got to the movie theatre, it was then that I started feeling nervous. I totally forgot how awkward we are usually around each other in person because majority of our interactions have been via Internet/text messages. -_- I started fucking sweating in my leather jacket which was pretty retarded since I DO NOT have any feelings for him. Geez, body why must you do to this me now!

He had bought the tickets in advance for us and it was going to my first time experiencing UltraAVX where we get to sit in huge reserved comfy seats that would move/rock throughout the movie. (It's not the greatest thing, quite cool but I would rather save the extra cash for something else.)

The theatre was jam packed, making it extremely difficult for me to find him.

And as I stood awkwardly in the sea of people, I pulled out my phone.

"Did you dye your hair blonde??"

His familiar voice echoed through my phone.

I turned around, and I finally caught a glimpse of his spikey hair and small frame. I walked over to him, as he slowly opened his arms for a hug.

This is where it all went down hill.

One thing you need to know about me: I am not comfortable with hugs.

At least, not when it comes to the male species. I do hug my girlfriends and even then, there are times when we don't. I'm not one of those "hugging" person. The only male companion I would like to embrace is Kim Soo Hyun. (Who is busy living in Korea, and not knowing I exist. *tears )

Being the absolute GENIUS I am, I shy-ed away from his embrace and went 'EW!"

Outloud, in public, just like that.

Why couldn't I just went in for the hug like a normal person???

Although we've been friends for a long time, there's a huge difference between being friends with them online vs in person. Your personality, bad habits, weird quirks cannot be communicated clearly through the Internet.

And that's when I realized I made a huge mistake.

I think I made him feel very, very bad. .___.

My other guy friends all know this about me since they had the privileged of being around me enough to know how un-touchy I can get. Some of them actually try to hug me just to annoy me. *raises fist.*

I know I'm an asshole, but damn I'm such an asshole. (And no that wasn't a repeated mistake. )

We walked into the theatre together, and got into our seats. I was hoping this would be the part where get to catch up about our lives, and talk. But nope, just silence. Even though the movie hadn't begun yet.

I offered him some of my candy that I had bought just before meeting up with him. Commented on how cool the seats were. Any small talk I could think of.

But it was still so, so awkward.

In fact, I felt so uncomfortable that majority of the time I spent sitting frozen-still in my seat. Only moving to uncross my legs when I felt them go numb. It was pretty bad.

I had absolutely no clue what the Edge of Tomorrow was about, but it wasn't bad. I would probably never ever watch it again, but if you want to see Tom Cruise die at least fifty times, this is it.

The movie ended shortly before ten, and I was so ready to go to bed. (My day starts at 5:30am, and I work for ten hours.)

Naturally we discussed about the movie, the conclusions, and it's plot as we were walking out of the place.

He then asked me, "Did you drive?"

I casually replied, "No." I knew that he drove.

This is where it turns interesting.

"Where did you park?" I asked.

It was the opposite direction of where the transit skytrains were.

Excuse me for assuming. But this is where USUALLY, the driver, a FRIEND, would offer to drive you home because it's only 10 o'clock at night and a girl walk home at night is socially known as "dangerous."

Believe me or not, I don't need him to drive me home. Yes, I'm tired from a long day and the idea of walking home in my dark alley isn't the most exciting thing but I am a person.

Which means I like to the feeling of being treated like a friend.

I like it when people SHOW that they care for you, even though it's as simple as offering to help out. You don't need to go through it, but as long as you offered, that's all that matters. IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS, RIGHT?

"I'll walk you to the skytrain!" 

Well, that's an offer technically.

Just not what I had in mind.

Call me human, call me a bitch, whatever. But I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT KID IS MAKING ME WALK FUCKING HOME AFTER I HESITANTLY AGREED TO GO OUT ON MY WORK DAY. (I originally wanted to go on a day off. )

I texted him afterwards expressing my gratitude and that I would treat him to a meal next time since he bought the tickets.

No reply.


I discussed the situation to many of my peers and they all agreed he had assumed it was a date, and was absolutely butt-hurt over the fact that it wasn't.

Or maybe my karma just back to me for bailing last year.

Lesson learned folks,

No hug, no ride.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sophisticated Lavender

Nothing gives me the confident boost like a well put together outfit, and a good hair day. After a year of playing around with ashy tone colours, I've finally achieved the ultimate hair colour that I wanted; platinum blonde. And I only have Salon Haze to thank for that. 

Jacket - Forever 21
Top - White Bustier from Forever 21
Bottom - Lilac Lacey Skirt from H&M
Shoes - Nine West's Martina
Bag - Kate Spade

Been seeing many white laced skirts like this on Instagram and Tumblr, I got mine on sale for $15 at H&M. There was a white one that I originally wanted but it was completely sheer, and see-through even with the extra layer of fabric... But after putting together this outfit, the purple one was not a bad second choice. : )

My favourite heels of the moment are these Nine West Martina heels. White heels easily give you an elegant touch to your outfit immediately and not to mention I love how comfortable these babies are!  

Hope you are all doing well! Xo. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Year, Another Fondue Date

If you've been following me long enough, then you would know that my best friend & I annually celebrate our "friendship" each day on the second week of May at the same restaurant, and at the same seats. Previous year's posts can be found here (2013) and here (2012). Due to my ridiculous work schedule this year, I broke one of our rituals and had to postpone the date till June. -_-

This year marks our 7th time doing this tradition. But we've been friends for nine years. :-)
Almost a decade!

The bestie.

Yours truly.

My gorgeous floral dress is from Forever 21 that I got in California! (A trip that would probably be never blogged about lololol.)

We spent the rest of the day shopping and ended the night with chicken and soju!!! :-) Xo.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Love from Another Country

I used to be scared of working full time (30-40 hours a week) and always thought, how do people do it???

Well this past month (literally ever since I got back from my Cali trip) I've been working over 40 hours a week between two jobs, and sometimes three. ~_________~

Thus explains my absent from social media/the blog.

Cause when I'm finally home, I lay on my bed for about half an hour (if I'm lucky), get up to eat dinner, shower, then do my daily Internet ritual (Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) then go to bed as earliest as I possibly could so I could get my 7-8 hours of sleep.

And thankfully because of that, I've been surviving. But then my new job isn't very labour-heavy, it's just long 10 hour shifts. ^^"


I don't want to talk about my new job atm. I want to talk about something that's been very popular Korean drama and probably annoying to those who do not watch it...........


And my love for Kim Soo Hyun/Sam Dong/Do Min Joon. :DDDDDDDD

Call me typical fan girl but I think this is my biggest celebrity crush yet. :D I think I like him even more than TAEYANG! I really hope I get to meet Oppa one day. :( How can anyone be so adorable?? I already liked him since Dream High as Sam Dong, and this drama just reignites that fire for him I had. FFFFFFFFFFFFF.

That's enough for now, I have to be a boring adult and sleep at 9 now in order to wake up at 5. -__-

The future Mrs. Kim Soo Hyun. 

Hoping my busy schedule dies down after this week. FIGHTING!~

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sakura Festival

こんにちはみんなさん! ( Hi Everyone! )

This is probably be the closest thing to blogging about Japan for me. T___T I can't wait to blog about the real day one day.

It's been a while since I've last updated, but life has been nothing but swell. My school semester has just finished and I'm slowlyyyyyyyy prepping for my exams.

And right after I'm done my last exam, I'm jetting off to California for a week!! Yay!!

Every year I see advertisements for the Cherry Blossom festival on the bus, but I never get to go because Aprils are usually so busy with exams and projects. :(

But this year I've made the commitment to go! Besides, I need a little break from my studies right?


The official name of the event is  Sakura Days Japan Fair, held at Van Deusen Garden.

The event was a lot smaller than I had anticipated. It was divided into separate sections including: Food, Vendors, Entertainment (Music and Performances), small workshops, and a Cherry Blossom tour.

My Japanese kimono inspired outfit. Kimono cardigan from Forever 21 paired with a basic black maxi skirt. :P

The previous day was raining cats and dogs, so we were definitely grateful for a little bit of sun and to be 100% dry lol.

Like many girls, I've always wanted/loved taking pictures with beautiful cherry blossom trees but it's either always raining when the flowers are bloomed and then it's gone after a week. >___> Now I can cross out something off my bucket list. =)

We are shinobis. Thank you kind stranger for taking this for us!

The best part of the festival was definitely the food!! But it was crazyyyyyy busy. An average line up for a popular stall is like 45 mins. -__-

This is like Takoyaki, but with shrimp instead I believe.

Worth the 45 min wait?

We also got some delicious dorayakis and skewers, but I was too impatient to take a picture of them before shoving it down my throat. Which reminds me, I really want some dorayakis right now. D:

Myself with an amazing Haku cosplayer. Can't wait for Anime Revolution later on this year!!

TOTORO!!!! I really wanted a solo pic with him but the kids kept hogging him. T_T

(Better pick mine or else!!!) 

This was one of the workshops available. Painting strokes of the word sakura in kanji then a volunteer graciously frames our new art and stamps it with a sakura logo in the corner. Such a simple activity, but we all enjoyed it very much. ^____^

Other fun activities include writing haikus, and trying on yukatas but the line up was very long for that one! 

Flowers from Van Deusen Garden.

There was not many cherry blossom trees as one would assume there would be. But Vancouver weather hasn't been the best lately either (or ever when it's not summer.) 

Then of course, my favourite area of any event: Vendor's Area

Any chance to see more of the Japanese culture + support local business is a bait for me. 

There was all sorts of goodies such as jewellery, bath products, tea, and beautiful hair-clips!

I walked away with a bar of facial soap in -of course sakura scent. $5, and home made. :)

Another stand that caught my attention was these beautiful, delicious, delicate chocolate made from

They have SOOO many flavours available! Like seriously. Green tea, milk tea, lavender, WASABI, and even Japanese Sake!!! I bought the green tea, but I'm definitely going to the official shop to get more. These would make awesome for gifts as well! As opposed to your typical Ferrero Rocher and Purdy's Chocolate. :D

Afterwards we went downtown to grab some ice cream and enjoy more scenery. :)

Thank you to the volunteers that organized such an AMAZING event that celebrates one of the most beautiful cultures out there!!! My friends and I had a great time. :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Manicure Monday - L'oreal Gold Dust Nail Polish

As much as I love sparkles and have a deep appreciation for them no matter what age, I've sorta stopped reaching for them when I buy new make up.

Ever since last year, I was really on board with the whole matte trend. Eyeshadows, lipstick, and nails. The matte look gives such an elegant and classy vibe to your look.

But obviously we aren't going to avoid sparkles! Not in this post.

My first impression of these collection came unexpectedly from a shopping trip to the drug-store.

I was looking around to see what new make up there were, and I was super excited to see many new nail polish collections coming out. I see you OPI! Your Gwen Stefani collection is beautiful. 

My eyes came across a new L'oreal stand; the L'oreal Gold Dust Color Riche Nail Polish. 

I remember gasping at every. single. colour. in this collection. Gorgeous. Absolutely breathe-taking, unique, and fun! I think the only one I didn't like was the filthy orangey tone..

I only grabbed one bottle for now. But I really want the whole collection! (minus the nasty orange, of course.) I thought it would retail for about $10, but I was surprised it's only $6.99. It's not the most inexpensive price, but for a limited edition collection I presumed it would be higher. 

L'oreal Gold Dust in Too Dimensional? 

This was applied with a base coat, 2 coats of the polish itself, and a top coat.

I love it so far. The texture took a bit of getting used to since I kept brushing my face with it. It felt weird. O_O The colour really matches true to the bottle. I haven't went through the process of taking it off yet... I hope it won't be too much of a pain!

Have you seen the collection? Do you like it? 

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Not that greatest title but I'm trying to be creative here!

Really didn't wanna settle for "New Hair." :P

So as the title and intro hints, I've finally gotten rid of my horrendous black roots that were getting WAYYY too long and gross.

Finally stepping away from the ashe brown to ASHE BLONDE. Another step closer to my dream goal of being a platinum blonde.

I love being blonde. I feel more myself, and happier. Many people are asking me when will I go to black hair. I will go back to black either when 1) I'm bored of it. Which probably won't be for a longgggg while, or ever. 2) I am too poor to afford maintain it any longer. 3) my hair is totally fried and dead from the constant bleaching.

So far none of it has happened. Although this is my third time bleaching over my hair, it still hasn't died on me yet. #winning

The secret?

I try to avoid washing my hair for as longgggg as possible, which I know is gross! But when you have dyed blonde hair, you know it's like a mini heart attack every time you wash it because the colour turns out different every time.

And once I do wash it, I make sure to apply hair serum to the bottom half of my hair, taking special attention to the ends of it. I've just finished a bottle of L'oreal Mythic Oil and I find the results very satisfying. The past year my hair has been very soft and smooth! The serum also smells really nice which makes it an even more rewarding experience when you apply it!!

Now I'm testing out the much raved about Moroccanoil Moroccan Oil which IS a bit pricier, but we shall see how the results fair out. I'm not too crazy about the scent on this one. :X

Went home to quickly caked my face with make up, and cam-whored right away with my new hair!

The beauty/difficulty of blonde hair is it looks different in every light.

My favourite pic out of the hundreds of selfies I took that day.

I know I haven't posted a lot in the month of March. My priority has been allocating my time between school and work. Barely time for gaming, or outings! 

I have fricken THREE GROUP projects this term. Kill me! I already hate group projects enough as it is... 

After all exams and projects are done, I can happily go on my California trip at the end of April, root free! :D

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Party in the USA

I almost forgotten that I haven't finished blogging about my Vegas Trip. XD

You can find the first part [here].

Second Day at VEGAS

Today we decided to go the North Outlet. It was like the Premium Outlet chain that I go to in Seattle but this... this.. was wayyyyy bigger! It was HUGEEEEE!!! O________O

We didn't take much pictures, and dove right into shopping. With 100+ shops and a time limit, there's no time to waste!

One of our first stop was the Kate Spade store which was having a fricken 60% off sale.. 60%. I've seen 50% only ONCE at the Seattle Kate Spade Outlet and I thought that was the highest it would go. There was a Kate Spade clutch that I've been wanting for awhile there. It came in a hot pink & light pink. The total was going to be about $120USD, which if you speak girl language, IS A STEAL. I swear it is, trust me.

Mickey deciding which bag to get.

I couldn't decide which colour I wanted, they were both so pretty! So I put the bags down, and decided to walk around to give it some thought. Maybe I'll find something better in this outlet.

Store #1 down, 99 more to go!

I'm just gonna dive right into my awesome purchase of the day/trip from BCBG.

I didn't really expect much from the store. I've went to it countless time in Seattle and came out with nothing. This time, I found myself with a bundle of dresses on my arm. Some of the dresses were still selling in the damn malls!! There was dresses that I wanted that were originally priced $300, and here they were in my hands for a measly $90!!!!

And guess what??? They all ranged from XS-S!! IN MY SIZE. O_____O HOW LUCKY OR WUT?

I ran to the fitting room when my arm was about to collapse. Not gonna lie, they ALL looked/fit good and were gorgeoussssss. Great, that makes my decision way harder! Although I would have loved to buy all five, I only picked out one. Sadly I didn't take pictures of all the individual dresses I tried on.

The precious one that I picked was actually INSTAGRAMMED when it was on the BCBG's store window display last spring.

It was obviously destiny.

I can't believe I got it for a quarter of the damn original price. :O I would say this was my best purchase of the whole trip. -Picture of dress will be shown later in this post, so keep reading! ;)-

The Kate Spade bag was obviously left behind.

Fastt forward to the night.

Getting Ready

Our hair stylist Mickey graciously working wonders on our hair.

The finished results.

It was this little one's birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday Cutie <3

The winning dress bought from BCBG earlier: 

We were bored so we did a photoshoot. :)

Until these bitches decided to crash my shoot.... :(

Take 1 - Blurry

Take 2 - :)

After waiting for hours (literally), everyone was finally done and it was time to take group pictures and some pre-clubbing shots!

Also tasted the most disgusting shot drink ever in my life that night. 

Smiles! Gonna disregard the fact that Dee isn't even looking but she still looks so pretty so who cares?

Looks like a shot taken for Gossip Girl until you see Mickey's face... lol.


Annndddd drink!

Lol and this is where I basically spat out my drink with Mickey giving me the 'wtf this loser...' face. -_- Never, ever taking a shot of cinnamon spiced alcohol again. DIS-GUSTING. 

Tonight we decided to tackle the big boy and went to MARQUEE nightclub. Theme for the night was blue as you can see; the birthday girl's favourite colour. :-) 

Our feet started to ached so we squished our way to the very front of the dance floor. To our surprise a singer named NADIA was scheduled to perform that night. NOTE - WE ARE AT THE VERY FRONT ROW! What luck! :D

There was this crazy lady fan that was on standby waiting for the singer. She went total berserk when Nadia came out, and probably orgasmed when the singer touched her hand.

The crazy lady in question on the far left. They somehow managed to take a sneaky photo with her LOL!!!!!

After the set was done, we were all dying from our feet and decided to call it a night. With Mickey leading the way, she turned right assuming it was where the bathrooms were located.


We entered into this huge lounge that had a blue hue to it, it contained swimming pools (no one was swimming in it) bars, and the best part? SOFAS! We all hurried to an unoccupied one and sigh in content as the pressure of our feet was lifted.

These were the best photos I could find of the lounge online. The whole venue was covered by a tent since it was technically winter and cold.

The whole experience was amazing, and we all had a ton of fun! The atmosphere was very relaxing and chilling, something we don't experience often on the thumping dance floor. I wish Vancouver had lounges like these! And before we knew it, the the club was closing. 

Even Little Shit had a bit too much fun that night!