Monday, January 6, 2014

Company Cravings

Today I spent my lovely Sunday with one of my two closest girlfriends.

We went for an enticing high tea brunch at LuvCravings (which inspired the title post). It was my first time ever going to high tea (yay for first timers!). I chose the restaurant myself since I saw how freaking beautiful this place was on their website. It's super feminine and pink! Just my cup of tea, ha-ha. ;) Get it?

Although I get such a magical aurora from looking at these pictures/and on their website, I just didn't feel it when I first entered the place which was disappointing to my friend and I. Can't tell if it's because there was absolutely no other customer there, or a bit too dark for our liking. (Pictures lighting edited on Photoshop.)

To compliment the environment, I decided to bring out my inner Queen B (aka my high school idol, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl) back. I had a really fun phase towards my senior year in high school. Headbands and all! I should make a post of my Blair-inspired outfits and my beloved collection of headbands that I've collected over the years. I forgot how much I missed dressing like this... it made me feel so powerful, especially when I put on that headband.

Not gonna lie, I like to be bitchier when I'm dressed like this too.

One thing I really liked about this place is that they give you a tray of tea scents that you can sniff. Instead of the standard menu, name, and pick. Which is often a trial-and-error test, and it's not like you're gonna come back often to try every flavour. Nobody has time for that! 

Obviously I would pick the one that is related to Japan! Typical me. :P

We each got our own pot so that was kinda cool.

Our server was really sweet throughout the whole dining experience. She was wonderful enough to ask if we wanted a picture together, and generously took four shots of us! I love people that understand the need for more than one photo. And thank goodness she did because the others turned out derpy and blurry, and this was the only shot with my leggings in it. These leggings are so gorgeous but I rarely wear them out since I have such a hard time styling it.

Afterwards we went to catch a movie screening of Catching Fire. You've probably all heard by now how amazing it is, so I don't need to say more.

Now someone please let me borrow Mockingjay!!

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