Thursday, January 23, 2014

First Night in Sin City

With a great trip, comes great responsibility.

Responsibility to blog about it afterwards!!

The pros/cons of going with a group of girls is the constant snapping of our cameras/smartphones which resulted in over 2500+ photos in total. Being the *dedicated* blogger I am, I actually bought along THREE cameras myself; My DSLR, a compact one, and of course my iPhone!

The DSLR - For scenery, OOTDs, group shots, random photo-shoot sessions while I wait for the rest of the girls to get ready. ^^"

Compact Canon - Vlogging

iPhone - What else? Selfies! And clubbing pictures where I do not dare bring my DSLR, and for emergency shots.

This was all our very first time vacationing with friends, and I am very grateful to get to share this experience with five other lovely ladies.

It took me a few hours to sort through six albums to find the right pictures, but I did it!

I thought it would be appropriate that the first picture of this post be a group shot. 

Excuse the very rude black spot. My friend does not want her pictures published online. :P

At the airport.

Waiting for the charter bus that will take us to Bellingham Airport. We did not take a direct flight from Vancouver to Vegas, instead we booked a flight from Bellingham to Vegas instead because it was supposedly a lot cheaper. 

This sneaky one here has an obsession with taking pictures of people sleeping  -_______- (?!?!?!) 

One of the perks of the shuttle bus was the Free Wi-fi on board. This photo was taken during the ride, and was quickly uploaded to Instagram soon afterwards. I didn't bother taking a second look at it until my friend (who was sitting two rows behind) commented on it.....

"Nostrils make hearts"


Can we all take a minute to silently admire that my nostrils made PERFECT HEART SHAPES?!

Our original plan was to stay over night at the Bellingham Airport to catch our 8am flight the next morning. My Dad wasn't at ease with the thought of six girls "sleeping" at the airport so he was super graciously nice enough to book us a hotel room! 

Although the hotel was shady as f***, and had some creepy people, I was relieved we didn't need to stay at the airport. Thank you Daddy Mai!!! 

Two medium pizza with two toppings, bread sticks and some complimentary parmesan bread bites.

Our first meal at the States was DOMINO'S PIZZA!!! Can you believe we got all this shit for only a measly $25? Split between SIX girls. That's like less than $5 each after you add in tip! We were so impressed that we literally started chanting, "USA! USA USA! USA!

A Walk to Remember was on so we all watched it till we fell asleep. 


Getting ready to board the plane :)

We get to walk out to the air plane field... so pretty and cool! (Crappy phone quality picture obviously did not do it justice.)

We, we, we so excited!!

We made it! We are in LAS VEGAS!!! 


So close, yet so far. :'(

Welcome to my heaven. 

This Hello Kitty snowman didn't have arms LOL

Hotel Lobby

Sorry I had to LOL

Awkward hand posing strikes again.

After we settled down into our hotel rooms, we all showered and got ready to go sight seeing. 

The decent view from our room.. nothing spectacular since our window was on the other side of the strip. Yes, it was a gloomy day. Boo!

Elevator picture required.


Beautiful shot! Sun peaked out. : )


Our hotel! Great that it was inexpensive, downside was it did not provide basic essentials. 

I've stayed at a decent amount of hotels in my life, majority of them being on the lower scale and they ALL had the standard microwave, water boiler, and wash-room fan, etc. I ended up having to pay $25 out of my ass to have a damn water boiler in my room for my cup noodles. #nothappy

And WHY would you not have a fan in the washroom? /enoughsaid 

"Hi there!"

Classic friendship moment.

Venetian boat ride, just like Italy!

Such a cute pic I had to post; I want a cute picture like this too. T_T


This mall was HUGE, and very confusing as well. We ended up splitting into pairs and stayed for a few hours. And yet still we couldn't explore the whole place! Surprisingly, I did not buy anything because I was really keen on saving my money for the rest of the trip. I knew damn well that I would splurge it on something in the next few days... 

The city lights are out!

Back to our hotel, time to get ready for clubbing.

One of my MANY selfies I took while waiting for everyone to finish getting ready. Next time I'll probably just go down to the casino and get myself a free drink. /learning experience.

How I looked while cam whoring. Classy.

For the first night, we decided to go to the Asian themed TAO nightclub located at the Venetian.

I don't really know what else to say but it was a really amazing club. The theme colours were red and black, there was go-go dancers, art models in glass boxes (?), AND NAKED MODELS IN A DAMN HOT TUB THAT WAS BASICALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANCE FLOOR. WTF I saw their nipples and everything!

I was in awe when I walked in because it actually looked like those clubs from the American movies. Unlike the nasty small clubs we have here in Vancouver.. TAO was my favourite nightclub theme/design. :) 

I would definitely recommend you go check it out for yourself if you are ever in Vegas! 

I LOVE how awesome my boob looks in this photo, even though it's only one side.... Wish it was that big for real.

Side story

I got denied entrance at the door.


Because my driver license's was expired which makes it "invalid." -___________-

I was so choked, I was like "Umm that has nothing to do with my birthday?!?!" I was almost in tears! They were so mean about it too. :(

Thankfully the club was within WALKING DISTANCE from our hotel so I was able to go back and grab my Passport! Very risky indeed but I had no other choice... /learning experience

In DA club.

Anddddddddd we're done for the night! At least, I was. The girls ended up going for a 4am stroll down the strip. I treasure my beauty sleep too much, even if I was in Vegas. I need energy for the next few nights!

That concludes the first post of the trip! More to come. Xo

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