Friday, February 21, 2014


CHEESIE as in the popular blogger from Malaysia that owns CHEESERLAND. <-- if you never seen her blog you should click NAO. Yes, even if you haven't finished reading this. Or maybe open it up in a new tab. ^^"

It was precisely on January 14, 2014 that she followed me. I was on my phone in bed just before I went to sleep; I casually replied to a tweet of hers regarding her pregnancy. (SO excited for her and her baby!!!)

A few mins later I received a text of notification regarding a new follower; IT WAS HER!! 

I started at my phone for a few second... making sure it wasn't a fake fan account or something. Maybe she pressed follow by accident??? 

I was so happy I couldn't sleep for a while. Cheeserland is one of my FAVOURITE blogs to read during my past time. She and I share the same love and passion for Japan; and since I haven't been there yet, I feel like I can live in Japan through her blog. :) She puts together really cute coordinates on a daily basis on Instagram. I WISH I HAD THAT SKILL AND WORK ETHIC TO UPDATE SO OFTEN.

It's been a month since this happened and I'm STILL fan girling. The closest thing I have to a popular person following me is Princess Joules from YouTube who follows me on Instagram. But then I checked her stats to see that she follows thousands of her followers so it's not as special. :(

But Cheesie follows only about 280 people, compared to her 26k following. O___O So I'm like woah, LOOK I'M SPECIAL MOMMY!!!! 

I hope she doesn't read this because this public fan-girling thing is so embarrassing. But I've been so excited, I really wanted to brag to everyone!!! :)

I have also developed an unhealthy OCD of checking my Twitter frequently to see if she unfollowed me yet LOLOLOL.

Maybe one day she will be like WTF when did I start following this derp?!? *unfollows*  

But it's okay because there was a time I had a celebrity blogger followed me and I got a screen shot to prove it.

Can't wait to tell my grandchildren one day. Yes, Grandma Mai was once cool.

Monday, February 17, 2014

My First Sleep Paralysis

I remember when my then-boyfriend first told me about sleep paralysis.

For those that don't know, it's a scary situation when you are either falling asleep or just wakening but you can't move. You are paralyzed. You can't move a limb, nothing, nadda. And in the more serious cases, it is accompanied by a very realistic terrifying vision. (Ex. My friend had a scary looking demon look at him right in the eye.) But a more sane example would be a burglar breaking into your house but you cannot do anything about it.

Fucking crazy shit right?!

I thank my lucky stars I had never experienced such trauma in my life!

Until now.......

But it wasn't bad as it could have been.

I was having a pretty kick-ass dream. And literally, I WAS kicking-ass. I remember dreaming about fighting these evil dudes that came out of nowhere, and yes of course, I was winning.

Then I woke up.

My body was lying on my side, and my eyes were still closed.

I rolled over so I could lay on my back.

But I couldn't.

Something was holding me back.

I was like WHAT IS THIS FUCKING SHIT THAT IS HOLDING ME BACK FROM SLEEPING ON MY DAMN BACK YOU EVIL SHIT. (No, I didn't realize I was experiencing paralysis.)

After a mere few seconds, I was able to move.

I slowly opened my eyes and realized, "Holy shit I just experienced sleep paralysis."

So thankful I didn't have any terrible visions. :X

Good night!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Bitches! ♡

Remember when I was young, naive, and stupid?

Okay maybe I still am lah, but there was a time when I was worse.

Well that time was two years ago on Valentines 2012 when I was talking nonsense about hating Valentine grinches, and celebrating the day with an open heart regardless of my relationship status. Oh how naive I was.... obviously I was in love with the holiday because I always had a boyfriend/an admirer to spoil me senseless.

I finally understand all you single folks this year. I completely agree it should be called Single Awareness Day. I thought it would be okay if I stayed home and shut myself out from the world, avoiding men and women holding grand bouquets and teddy bears; but it was much much worse in the on-line world.




Even the fucking apps on my phone.

They all kept reminding me of this "glorious" day.

My fingers felt numb from liking all the pics on my damn Instagram feed alone. It was sickening seeing how many people received roses, and candle light dinners with typical lame captions like: "I LOVE YOU HUNNIE FOREVER AND EVER."


Congrats in finding someone willing to part half his wallet for you. I hope you two will get married.

Hate aside, we all know that I''m just jealous and lonely that I don't have anyone to cuddle with tonight. *cries*


Happy Valentines/Single Awareness/Fuck Everyone Day!!!!

Only ten more minutes of this bullshit and it's done.

I bought myself these .99cents stamps from the Line app as a Valentine gift for myself LOL

P.S. Reminder next year to turn off my phone, unless I have a Valentine of course. Then I will spam the heck out of my goodies to everyone to admire/hate/be jealous. :D

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I was one with the hundreds of pubescent girls that attended Demi Lovato's opening night for her Neon Lights Tour.

I don't care that she's not someone "cool enough" for people my age to hear about. People who judge others based on the music they listen to can suck my dick. You are just as horrible as Justin Bieber. That's right, I compared you to a glossy-eyed mugshot Canadian kid.

I wouldn't go far as to call myself a Lovatic; but I did watch her grow up from Camp Rock, to falling in love with the adorable coupling of Sonny and Chad. (I stopped watching the show after she went to rehab, what happened to the couple anyway???)

I admired her for everything she's done for the millions of people affected by self-esteem issues, and mental illness. You can have your own opinion about her music, and Disney background, but you can't deny that she has transformed her life completely since her meltdown and is changing the world in enormous ways that we can only hope to do.

We got pretty good seats on the side of the stage just three rows up. This is probably the best seats I will ever get for less than $100 for such a household name. I remember attending Britney Spear's concert, my seat was wayyyyy up in the upper bowl and tickets were already $108CAD. -___- (Yes I know their star power are completely different.)

Kat & I

Although I did watch the X-Factor season that Fifth Harmony was on, I wasn't too crazy about them. In fact, I remember not liking Ally from the group because her audition tape seemed a bit too "celebrity hungry." They probably edited it really bad because all I remember was her saying how she can't wait to have her own celebrity fragrance, clothing line, headphones, eyelash, franchise, rock... anything that a celebrity would slap their name on for some extra pocket cash. Although Fifth Harmony didn't win the competition, I couldn't believe Simon and LA Reid still insisted on promoting them because I really didn't want Ally to win. LOL

Whatever. I'll look past that cause the poor girl does seem genuine sweet and can sing.

I do secretly hope they succeed in being equivalent to One Direction's success because I think we need some more girl power in this industry. But after seeing Little Mix, I think we already found our answer.

But I really really hope for the sake of these girls that they get a new stylist. LIKE ASAP. Poor girls were dressed in cheaptastic tacky clothes that could be found in those big chain stores like Sirens/Urban Behaviour/Wet Seal. They did sparkle all wrong.

Not gonna lie though, I've recently added Miss Movin' On to my playlist. So they got that going for them.

I obviously was not prepared for the concert because it slipped my mind that LITTLE MIX was opening as well. And all I can say is, WOW! Huge difference from the first rookie group. Such power, such stage presence. Fifth Harmony, you'll get there one day. :-)

I loved all the songs they performed; DNA, Wings, Little Me, Salute to name a few. ;) Little Mix reeked nothing but female empowerment.

And no wonder Perrie Edwards managed to snag herself a One Direction... she's so effing cute!!!

"Sorry guys, my mic fell down ME pants." - Perrie pausing the performance after finishing a song.

*dies* Perrie, Perrie, how we all wish we could BE that mic. And the fact that she has a British accent just adds to her perfect little package. Fucking bitch. She's like a fairy. O_o

They said they were going to follow everyone that hash-tagged #LITTLEMIXVANCOUVRE. So far I haven't gotten any new follows on Twitter. Rotten marketing... #notamused.

At this point, I was really excited for Demi's appearance.

Although I've only been to two concerts; Britney Spears and Selena Gomez. Both of them were amazing experiences that left me fan-girling for days, replaying the whole album, and youtubing concert performances. ANYTHING, to relive the night.

They both had a theme, and "story" in their show. Britney's Femme Fatale was about her being a secret agent and being stalked by some creepy obsessed dude. Yes, how original.

So obviously I attended this concert expecting some sort of story to take place.

One of the most exciting moments is the opening.

The wait.

The anticipation.

The teasing beginning melodies of your favourite song.

And then, the grand entrance.

The band started playing the familiar chords of Heart Attack and among the screaming fans I was thinking, "YES! This is a good song to open with!!" The stage had a screen at the center that continuously played a video of a pretty looking Demi starring at the camera longingly, looking away, starring it down, walking away, walking around, you get the point.

Then you start to hear Demi's voice singing but you don't see her. I'm like looking everywhere for her to pop up. Then all of a sudden she appears in the middle of the stage from the bottom of the floor. (Whatever that stage thing is called.)

I was like.. Wait, that's it? That's the grand entrance?

Okay, whatever. Heart Attack is such an amazing song and her voice was phenomenal. She wore a simple rock outfit. Something very different from the previous two glamorous concerts. Thought it was really cool she chose to wear flat boots instead of heels as well.

After she finished the song, I thought she would greet us with a "HELLO WHATS UP VANCOUVER? HOW YOU DOING TONIGHT!!" Then introduce the next song. Nope. She dove right onto the next song, and the following three.

The concert's overall pace felt really fast. I guess you can either love it or hate it because there is not as much build up in between songs. But in my opinion, I did not like it!! I wish she took the time to interact with the audience more, and go into more details about the songs.

Then all of a sudden she disappeared and I assumed it was for an outfit change. The stage started becoming smoky and blue, then all of a sudden the fans started screaming. I couldn't see through the fog but when I looked up at the screen, I couldn't help but jump as well.


My favourite Jonas Brothers. I was so happy he came. I'm like when does Vancouver ever get a surprise guest appearance??? We're not that *popular* as a city compared to Toronto to get one! Unless he's a permanent guest on that tour... but happy to see Nick nonetheless!

He sang some of his songs from his solo album which I actually don't know. I listened to it once and never really got into it. #badfan #notevenatruefan

Then finally she spoke to the audience. And as expected, Demi's words were very inspirational and personal. She spoke about wanting to connect to the audience "one on one" and how important that was to her.

Unlike past concerts I've been to, this tour had a much lower production set. She only had a band, and two back up singers. That's it. Not a single dancer. Just a big stage for her to dominate. And I guess maybe this goes in with her tactic to be "one on one" with the audience. Not about crazy dance moves and flying shit! Which was a nice change to see. And I can't help but be amazed how Demi basically took the stage by herself for an hour! Talk about balls deep, and being incredibly courageous to do so. O________O I can't even do a presentation for five minutes, let alone sing to hundreds of people for that long.

Every performance was amazing, and vocals were on point. I keep asking How the hell does she do that? Her songs are not easy to sing.. and to have to sing it for such a long period of time. Damn, such talent and strength from a small girl!

When Demi paused again to introduce her next song, "I was honoured to be a part of a Oscar-nominated film this past year..." I was like wtf she didn't act? Then it hit me, FROZEN.

I screamed so loud, and it was probably my favourite part of the concert. Yes sorry Nick Jonas. XD I think many many people who enjoyed the film will look forward to this part!


Demi then "ended" the night with Neon Lights, said a short thanks and hopped off stage.

I was thinking, Seriously this couldn't be it right? It was just a bit past 10..

But of course.. there's the planned encore.

I mean how can she not sing SKY SCRAPER right?

After five mins, the stage reopened and Demi emerged with an OUTFIT CHANGE. Noticed that she did not change her outfit even once the whole concert.

She beautifully sang the ballad, followed with Give Your Heart a Break.

I love Demi. She's outrageously talented, friendly, and an amazing performance. I was just surprised by the production stage. It was very different, and has a more casual approach. I guess it's to get that "one on one" connection with the audience. But I felt that there should have been a bit more interaction with the audience, and have a slower pace. My expectation of a story disappointed me as well.

And I was bummed she didn't sing Fix a Heart!

Oh well.

No regrets were made.

Demi Lovato concert pictures taken from Demi Lovato

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Work Hard as Beyoncé

31/365 days have already passed. 

That means it's time to give up on resolutions! Lol jk.

I've been pretty busy the past few weeks. Or more like trying to use every precious moment to contribute to my bright shining future.

Every "new start" I always get anxiety since it's a reminder that I'm getting older, and am no fricken where near where I would like to be. School. Career. Marriage. Kids. Who I want to be. All that growing up crap. Thinking about it always gives me a panic attack.  (Totally joking about marriage and kids, that's not in my game plan till like a decade.)

So I finally sat myself down and dedicated a few hours on planning, and laying out my goals for 2014.

One very big goal that has been keeping me focused and on the right track is my California trip at the end of April.

That's right.

I'M GOING ON VACATION AGAIN! (Even though I'm not even close to finishing my Vegas posts...) I'm flying outta Raincouver for a week to enjoy PURE SUNSHINE. It's gonna be a family trip. The last time we had one was wayyyy back in 2005 when we went to Switzerland to visit out family. That was eight years ago. A family vacay is long overdue. ^^"

And since I was jobless at the moment (and I spent most of my money on Vegas already), I needed a job. I calculated the amount of hours I needed to work based on minimum wage for the span of three months to reach my financial goal.

Note: Although it is a family trip, I am responsible for my own flight ticket which I am totally fine with since I am an adult now and don't want my hard working parents to shoulder everything. 

So I crawled back to my old retail job, and have been enthusiastically picking up any shifts I could get. It totally pays to be in good relations with your manager! She's been nothing but fantastic in welcoming me back, and giving me the shifts I need. I also do marketing promo on the side where hours varies based on the number of events occurring that month. It pays quite well, and the only "downside" would be having to work out in the cold weather for hours and waking up at the ungodly hours of 5AM. 

Speaking of goals, I know January is over but it's never too late to start writing down your resolutions! Technically, the New Year has just begun according to the Asian calendar hahaha. :P

1) I will be on time. As in I will try be consistent in my daily life such as blogging, buying/wrapping gifts on time for people's birthday, and returning valuables I've borrowed from friends. I know, I'm such a bad person.

2) I will start to learn Mandarin. Never had an interest for the language before; but after my Personal Finance professor taught us the importance of being multilingual, I think it's about time that I learned the beautiful language since I do live in a heavily Chinese populated area.

Fun Fact: The top three languages used in the world are; English, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Well fuck, I chose to learn French and Japanese instead in school. -_____-

3) I will exercise and eat healthy diligently in order to achieve the hot sexy bod that I've always dreamed of. This year, I specifically would like to achieve a "bubble butt."

4) I will not let society rob me of my time, including hobbies I like to pursue such as drawing, writing, and dancing.

5) I will save up a good sum of money, and stop over-spending. 

6) I will cook more meals for my friends and family; and perfect dishes I've been working on such as Yang Chow Fried Rice.


8) I will force myself to learn the basics of the mysterious piano.

9) I will finally caught up to the past generation by finishing the Harry Potter series, and will read Mockingjay before the movie comes out.

10) I will not be afraid to go all out in creating/buying a cosplay and have nerds drool all over me at the anime conventions.

11) I will make my Vietnamese culture proud by practising my Nail Art techniques.

12) I will do my very best in school to achieve a minimum B+ in all my courses.

13) I will learn to focus on whatever goal/assignment/work/task I am doing.

14) I will stop wasting time.

15) I will pay more attention to my parents, and help them out physically/emotionally/financially.

As you can see, I have lots of goals to achieve this year. Many of which are about learning something new. Remember, you are never to old to learn something new.

Good luck on achieving your resolutions! Don't give up. When I feel unmotivated, I read a quote and this: How to Work Hard Like Beyoncé