Friday, February 21, 2014


CHEESIE as in the popular blogger from Malaysia that owns CHEESERLAND. <-- if you never seen her blog you should click NAO. Yes, even if you haven't finished reading this. Or maybe open it up in a new tab. ^^"

It was precisely on January 14, 2014 that she followed me. I was on my phone in bed just before I went to sleep; I casually replied to a tweet of hers regarding her pregnancy. (SO excited for her and her baby!!!)

A few mins later I received a text of notification regarding a new follower; IT WAS HER!! 

I started at my phone for a few second... making sure it wasn't a fake fan account or something. Maybe she pressed follow by accident??? 

I was so happy I couldn't sleep for a while. Cheeserland is one of my FAVOURITE blogs to read during my past time. She and I share the same love and passion for Japan; and since I haven't been there yet, I feel like I can live in Japan through her blog. :) She puts together really cute coordinates on a daily basis on Instagram. I WISH I HAD THAT SKILL AND WORK ETHIC TO UPDATE SO OFTEN.

It's been a month since this happened and I'm STILL fan girling. The closest thing I have to a popular person following me is Princess Joules from YouTube who follows me on Instagram. But then I checked her stats to see that she follows thousands of her followers so it's not as special. :(

But Cheesie follows only about 280 people, compared to her 26k following. O___O So I'm like woah, LOOK I'M SPECIAL MOMMY!!!! 

I hope she doesn't read this because this public fan-girling thing is so embarrassing. But I've been so excited, I really wanted to brag to everyone!!! :)

I have also developed an unhealthy OCD of checking my Twitter frequently to see if she unfollowed me yet LOLOLOL.

Maybe one day she will be like WTF when did I start following this derp?!? *unfollows*  

But it's okay because there was a time I had a celebrity blogger followed me and I got a screen shot to prove it.

Can't wait to tell my grandchildren one day. Yes, Grandma Mai was once cool.


At February 27, 2014 at 5:04 AM , Blogger Butakimu's Profile said...

LOL. Congratulations! I love Cheesie too! I've been off the blogger world for a while now, but no active online blogger would not recognize who Cheesie is :D

At June 14, 2014 at 9:39 PM , Blogger sara said...

hahahah this -post made me laugh my ass off, I adore Cheesie she is one of my best bloggers too, she is too cute and am sooo jealous of u right now, and yes now u became a famous bloggers followed by a more famous blogger I wiish u dont unfollow me T_T


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