Sunday, February 2, 2014

Work Hard as Beyoncé

31/365 days have already passed. 

That means it's time to give up on resolutions! Lol jk.

I've been pretty busy the past few weeks. Or more like trying to use every precious moment to contribute to my bright shining future.

Every "new start" I always get anxiety since it's a reminder that I'm getting older, and am no fricken where near where I would like to be. School. Career. Marriage. Kids. Who I want to be. All that growing up crap. Thinking about it always gives me a panic attack.  (Totally joking about marriage and kids, that's not in my game plan till like a decade.)

So I finally sat myself down and dedicated a few hours on planning, and laying out my goals for 2014.

One very big goal that has been keeping me focused and on the right track is my California trip at the end of April.

That's right.

I'M GOING ON VACATION AGAIN! (Even though I'm not even close to finishing my Vegas posts...) I'm flying outta Raincouver for a week to enjoy PURE SUNSHINE. It's gonna be a family trip. The last time we had one was wayyyy back in 2005 when we went to Switzerland to visit out family. That was eight years ago. A family vacay is long overdue. ^^"

And since I was jobless at the moment (and I spent most of my money on Vegas already), I needed a job. I calculated the amount of hours I needed to work based on minimum wage for the span of three months to reach my financial goal.

Note: Although it is a family trip, I am responsible for my own flight ticket which I am totally fine with since I am an adult now and don't want my hard working parents to shoulder everything. 

So I crawled back to my old retail job, and have been enthusiastically picking up any shifts I could get. It totally pays to be in good relations with your manager! She's been nothing but fantastic in welcoming me back, and giving me the shifts I need. I also do marketing promo on the side where hours varies based on the number of events occurring that month. It pays quite well, and the only "downside" would be having to work out in the cold weather for hours and waking up at the ungodly hours of 5AM. 

Speaking of goals, I know January is over but it's never too late to start writing down your resolutions! Technically, the New Year has just begun according to the Asian calendar hahaha. :P

1) I will be on time. As in I will try be consistent in my daily life such as blogging, buying/wrapping gifts on time for people's birthday, and returning valuables I've borrowed from friends. I know, I'm such a bad person.

2) I will start to learn Mandarin. Never had an interest for the language before; but after my Personal Finance professor taught us the importance of being multilingual, I think it's about time that I learned the beautiful language since I do live in a heavily Chinese populated area.

Fun Fact: The top three languages used in the world are; English, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Well fuck, I chose to learn French and Japanese instead in school. -_____-

3) I will exercise and eat healthy diligently in order to achieve the hot sexy bod that I've always dreamed of. This year, I specifically would like to achieve a "bubble butt."

4) I will not let society rob me of my time, including hobbies I like to pursue such as drawing, writing, and dancing.

5) I will save up a good sum of money, and stop over-spending. 

6) I will cook more meals for my friends and family; and perfect dishes I've been working on such as Yang Chow Fried Rice.


8) I will force myself to learn the basics of the mysterious piano.

9) I will finally caught up to the past generation by finishing the Harry Potter series, and will read Mockingjay before the movie comes out.

10) I will not be afraid to go all out in creating/buying a cosplay and have nerds drool all over me at the anime conventions.

11) I will make my Vietnamese culture proud by practising my Nail Art techniques.

12) I will do my very best in school to achieve a minimum B+ in all my courses.

13) I will learn to focus on whatever goal/assignment/work/task I am doing.

14) I will stop wasting time.

15) I will pay more attention to my parents, and help them out physically/emotionally/financially.

As you can see, I have lots of goals to achieve this year. Many of which are about learning something new. Remember, you are never to old to learn something new.

Good luck on achieving your resolutions! Don't give up. When I feel unmotivated, I read a quote and this: How to Work Hard Like Beyoncé

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