Thursday, March 27, 2014


Not that greatest title but I'm trying to be creative here!

Really didn't wanna settle for "New Hair." :P

So as the title and intro hints, I've finally gotten rid of my horrendous black roots that were getting WAYYY too long and gross.

Finally stepping away from the ashe brown to ASHE BLONDE. Another step closer to my dream goal of being a platinum blonde.

I love being blonde. I feel more myself, and happier. Many people are asking me when will I go to black hair. I will go back to black either when 1) I'm bored of it. Which probably won't be for a longgggg while, or ever. 2) I am too poor to afford maintain it any longer. 3) my hair is totally fried and dead from the constant bleaching.

So far none of it has happened. Although this is my third time bleaching over my hair, it still hasn't died on me yet. #winning

The secret?

I try to avoid washing my hair for as longgggg as possible, which I know is gross! But when you have dyed blonde hair, you know it's like a mini heart attack every time you wash it because the colour turns out different every time.

And once I do wash it, I make sure to apply hair serum to the bottom half of my hair, taking special attention to the ends of it. I've just finished a bottle of L'oreal Mythic Oil and I find the results very satisfying. The past year my hair has been very soft and smooth! The serum also smells really nice which makes it an even more rewarding experience when you apply it!!

Now I'm testing out the much raved about Moroccanoil Moroccan Oil which IS a bit pricier, but we shall see how the results fair out. I'm not too crazy about the scent on this one. :X

Went home to quickly caked my face with make up, and cam-whored right away with my new hair!

The beauty/difficulty of blonde hair is it looks different in every light.

My favourite pic out of the hundreds of selfies I took that day.

I know I haven't posted a lot in the month of March. My priority has been allocating my time between school and work. Barely time for gaming, or outings! 

I have fricken THREE GROUP projects this term. Kill me! I already hate group projects enough as it is... 

After all exams and projects are done, I can happily go on my California trip at the end of April, root free! :D

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At April 26, 2014 at 5:31 PM , Blogger MITCH said...

I love your new hair color! I have never tried going blonde but you makes me want to try it.


At June 14, 2014 at 9:35 PM , Blogger sara said...

u rock this color ♥


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