Saturday, March 15, 2014

Party in the USA

I almost forgotten that I haven't finished blogging about my Vegas Trip. XD

You can find the first part [here].

Second Day at VEGAS

Today we decided to go the North Outlet. It was like the Premium Outlet chain that I go to in Seattle but this... this.. was wayyyyy bigger! It was HUGEEEEE!!! O________O

We didn't take much pictures, and dove right into shopping. With 100+ shops and a time limit, there's no time to waste!

One of our first stop was the Kate Spade store which was having a fricken 60% off sale.. 60%. I've seen 50% only ONCE at the Seattle Kate Spade Outlet and I thought that was the highest it would go. There was a Kate Spade clutch that I've been wanting for awhile there. It came in a hot pink & light pink. The total was going to be about $120USD, which if you speak girl language, IS A STEAL. I swear it is, trust me.

Mickey deciding which bag to get.

I couldn't decide which colour I wanted, they were both so pretty! So I put the bags down, and decided to walk around to give it some thought. Maybe I'll find something better in this outlet.

Store #1 down, 99 more to go!

I'm just gonna dive right into my awesome purchase of the day/trip from BCBG.

I didn't really expect much from the store. I've went to it countless time in Seattle and came out with nothing. This time, I found myself with a bundle of dresses on my arm. Some of the dresses were still selling in the damn malls!! There was dresses that I wanted that were originally priced $300, and here they were in my hands for a measly $90!!!!

And guess what??? They all ranged from XS-S!! IN MY SIZE. O_____O HOW LUCKY OR WUT?

I ran to the fitting room when my arm was about to collapse. Not gonna lie, they ALL looked/fit good and were gorgeoussssss. Great, that makes my decision way harder! Although I would have loved to buy all five, I only picked out one. Sadly I didn't take pictures of all the individual dresses I tried on.

The precious one that I picked was actually INSTAGRAMMED when it was on the BCBG's store window display last spring.

It was obviously destiny.

I can't believe I got it for a quarter of the damn original price. :O I would say this was my best purchase of the whole trip. -Picture of dress will be shown later in this post, so keep reading! ;)-

The Kate Spade bag was obviously left behind.

Fastt forward to the night.

Getting Ready

Our hair stylist Mickey graciously working wonders on our hair.

The finished results.

It was this little one's birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday Cutie <3

The winning dress bought from BCBG earlier: 

We were bored so we did a photoshoot. :)

Until these bitches decided to crash my shoot.... :(

Take 1 - Blurry

Take 2 - :)

After waiting for hours (literally), everyone was finally done and it was time to take group pictures and some pre-clubbing shots!

Also tasted the most disgusting shot drink ever in my life that night. 

Smiles! Gonna disregard the fact that Dee isn't even looking but she still looks so pretty so who cares?

Looks like a shot taken for Gossip Girl until you see Mickey's face... lol.


Annndddd drink!

Lol and this is where I basically spat out my drink with Mickey giving me the 'wtf this loser...' face. -_- Never, ever taking a shot of cinnamon spiced alcohol again. DIS-GUSTING. 

Tonight we decided to tackle the big boy and went to MARQUEE nightclub. Theme for the night was blue as you can see; the birthday girl's favourite colour. :-) 

Our feet started to ached so we squished our way to the very front of the dance floor. To our surprise a singer named NADIA was scheduled to perform that night. NOTE - WE ARE AT THE VERY FRONT ROW! What luck! :D

There was this crazy lady fan that was on standby waiting for the singer. She went total berserk when Nadia came out, and probably orgasmed when the singer touched her hand.

The crazy lady in question on the far left. They somehow managed to take a sneaky photo with her LOL!!!!!

After the set was done, we were all dying from our feet and decided to call it a night. With Mickey leading the way, she turned right assuming it was where the bathrooms were located.


We entered into this huge lounge that had a blue hue to it, it contained swimming pools (no one was swimming in it) bars, and the best part? SOFAS! We all hurried to an unoccupied one and sigh in content as the pressure of our feet was lifted.

These were the best photos I could find of the lounge online. The whole venue was covered by a tent since it was technically winter and cold.

The whole experience was amazing, and we all had a ton of fun! The atmosphere was very relaxing and chilling, something we don't experience often on the thumping dance floor. I wish Vancouver had lounges like these! And before we knew it, the the club was closing. 

Even Little Shit had a bit too much fun that night!

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At March 18, 2014 at 11:06 AM , Blogger ☆*:.。.With ❤ Tiffany.:*☆ said...

You and your girls look hot! Love your BCBG dress <3

At March 27, 2014 at 9:11 PM , Blogger Tifa Mai said...

Thanks hun! :)


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