Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sakura Festival

こんにちはみんなさん! ( Hi Everyone! )

This is probably be the closest thing to blogging about Japan for me. T___T I can't wait to blog about the real day one day.

It's been a while since I've last updated, but life has been nothing but swell. My school semester has just finished and I'm slowlyyyyyyyy prepping for my exams.

And right after I'm done my last exam, I'm jetting off to California for a week!! Yay!!

Every year I see advertisements for the Cherry Blossom festival on the bus, but I never get to go because Aprils are usually so busy with exams and projects. :(

But this year I've made the commitment to go! Besides, I need a little break from my studies right?


The official name of the event is  Sakura Days Japan Fair, held at Van Deusen Garden.

The event was a lot smaller than I had anticipated. It was divided into separate sections including: Food, Vendors, Entertainment (Music and Performances), small workshops, and a Cherry Blossom tour.

My Japanese kimono inspired outfit. Kimono cardigan from Forever 21 paired with a basic black maxi skirt. :P

The previous day was raining cats and dogs, so we were definitely grateful for a little bit of sun and to be 100% dry lol.

Like many girls, I've always wanted/loved taking pictures with beautiful cherry blossom trees but it's either always raining when the flowers are bloomed and then it's gone after a week. >___> Now I can cross out something off my bucket list. =)

We are shinobis. Thank you kind stranger for taking this for us!

The best part of the festival was definitely the food!! But it was crazyyyyyy busy. An average line up for a popular stall is like 45 mins. -__-

This is like Takoyaki, but with shrimp instead I believe.

Worth the 45 min wait?

We also got some delicious dorayakis and skewers, but I was too impatient to take a picture of them before shoving it down my throat. Which reminds me, I really want some dorayakis right now. D:

Myself with an amazing Haku cosplayer. Can't wait for Anime Revolution later on this year!!

TOTORO!!!! I really wanted a solo pic with him but the kids kept hogging him. T_T

(Better pick mine or else!!!) 

This was one of the workshops available. Painting strokes of the word sakura in kanji then a volunteer graciously frames our new art and stamps it with a sakura logo in the corner. Such a simple activity, but we all enjoyed it very much. ^____^

Other fun activities include writing haikus, and trying on yukatas but the line up was very long for that one! 

Flowers from Van Deusen Garden.

There was not many cherry blossom trees as one would assume there would be. But Vancouver weather hasn't been the best lately either (or ever when it's not summer.) 

Then of course, my favourite area of any event: Vendor's Area

Any chance to see more of the Japanese culture + support local business is a bait for me. 

There was all sorts of goodies such as jewellery, bath products, tea, and beautiful hair-clips!

I walked away with a bar of facial soap in -of course sakura scent. $5, and home made. :)

Another stand that caught my attention was these beautiful, delicious, delicate chocolate made from

They have SOOO many flavours available! Like seriously. Green tea, milk tea, lavender, WASABI, and even Japanese Sake!!! I bought the green tea, but I'm definitely going to the official shop to get more. These would make awesome for gifts as well! As opposed to your typical Ferrero Rocher and Purdy's Chocolate. :D

Afterwards we went downtown to grab some ice cream and enjoy more scenery. :)

Thank you to the volunteers that organized such an AMAZING event that celebrates one of the most beautiful cultures out there!!! My friends and I had a great time. :)

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At May 31, 2014 at 10:47 PM , Blogger mizzsandychau said...

Hi pretty lady! wow the sakura looks beautiful! i missed it here because it rained really badly and it was really windy so all the petals pretty much had fallen during peak time. boo, it's so cold this year in May, i'll need to wait until next year. Hopefully i'll get to see them one day in Japan

thank you for the congrats hun!

At June 14, 2014 at 9:34 PM , Blogger sara said...

luckyyyyyyyyyyy biaaaaaaaaaatche T_T u did it u saw the sakura, am sooo jealous, seems u ha an amazing trip, cant waiit to see them myself


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