Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Love from Another Country

I used to be scared of working full time (30-40 hours a week) and always thought, how do people do it???

Well this past month (literally ever since I got back from my Cali trip) I've been working over 40 hours a week between two jobs, and sometimes three. ~_________~

Thus explains my absent from social media/the blog.

Cause when I'm finally home, I lay on my bed for about half an hour (if I'm lucky), get up to eat dinner, shower, then do my daily Internet ritual (Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) then go to bed as earliest as I possibly could so I could get my 7-8 hours of sleep.

And thankfully because of that, I've been surviving. But then my new job isn't very labour-heavy, it's just long 10 hour shifts. ^^"


I don't want to talk about my new job atm. I want to talk about something that's been very popular Korean drama and probably annoying to those who do not watch it...........


And my love for Kim Soo Hyun/Sam Dong/Do Min Joon. :DDDDDDDD

Call me typical fan girl but I think this is my biggest celebrity crush yet. :D I think I like him even more than TAEYANG! I really hope I get to meet Oppa one day. :( How can anyone be so adorable?? I already liked him since Dream High as Sam Dong, and this drama just reignites that fire for him I had. FFFFFFFFFFFFF.

That's enough for now, I have to be a boring adult and sleep at 9 now in order to wake up at 5. -__-

The future Mrs. Kim Soo Hyun. 

Hoping my busy schedule dies down after this week. FIGHTING!~


  1. I know how you feel! I have no idea how people manage to work, live their daily lives and also find time to blog! I try to post on my blog at least twice a month, but even that's tough with my full-time job and personal responsibilities, so I try to squeeze in some blogging time at work (luckily things are pretty slow during the summer at my job).

  2. you look so pretty here! and yeah it's definitely hard to be working full time and blog, AND have a personal life outside of it!! keep at it hun :D

  3. I'm currently watching a kdrama right now haha, I love your hair!<3

  4. omg he is sooo handsome ♥

  5. Admittedly I can only really stick to the routines of long days at work, because my work isn't routinely, lol. I meet different people and am facing different challenges all the time. A boring-ass job would kill me.


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