Saturday, July 19, 2014

No Hug, No Ride

So I went on the most awkward date of my life without the knowledge that it was a date.

Backstory ♡ 

- Been friends for over eight years.
- Mostly an "online" friendship through msn since we went to different high schools.
- Met each other in person a few times over the years.

Back track to last summer. Him and I were suppose to go watch Star Trek together, but I bailed out on him because I was simply unmotivated to go and Star Trek wasn't really mah thang.

And being the asshole friend I was/am, I never bothered to reschedule again.

Until now. 

My conscience finally crept up to me and made me feel guilty. A damn year later.

I hurriedly grabbed my iPhone and sent him a text asking him out. 

Just friends. Completely innocent. No other intentions.

It's not like we haven't hung out before.

We set the "date" for 7pm the upcoming Friday to see the new Tom Cruise action-packed thriller Edge of Tomorrow. I wasn't ecstatic about going right after my ten hour shift at work, but he was being so persistent I told myself to man up and repent for my past sins. Also we were suppose to watch Zac Efon's "Neighbors" which I was really looking forward to drooling over Zac's hot bod.

When I got to the movie theatre, it was then that I started feeling nervous. I totally forgot how awkward we are usually around each other in person because majority of our interactions have been via Internet/text messages. -_- I started fucking sweating in my leather jacket which was pretty retarded since I DO NOT have any feelings for him. Geez, body why must you do to this me now!

He had bought the tickets in advance for us and it was going to my first time experiencing UltraAVX where we get to sit in huge reserved comfy seats that would move/rock throughout the movie. (It's not the greatest thing, quite cool but I would rather save the extra cash for something else.)

The theatre was jam packed, making it extremely difficult for me to find him.

And as I stood awkwardly in the sea of people, I pulled out my phone.

"Did you dye your hair blonde??"

His familiar voice echoed through my phone.

I turned around, and I finally caught a glimpse of his spikey hair and small frame. I walked over to him, as he slowly opened his arms for a hug.

This is where it all went down hill.

One thing you need to know about me: I am not comfortable with hugs.

At least, not when it comes to the male species. I do hug my girlfriends and even then, there are times when we don't. I'm not one of those "hugging" person. The only male companion I would like to embrace is Kim Soo Hyun. (Who is busy living in Korea, and not knowing I exist. *tears )

Being the absolute GENIUS I am, I shy-ed away from his embrace and went 'EW!"

Outloud, in public, just like that.

Why couldn't I just went in for the hug like a normal person???

Although we've been friends for a long time, there's a huge difference between being friends with them online vs in person. Your personality, bad habits, weird quirks cannot be communicated clearly through the Internet.

And that's when I realized I made a huge mistake.

I think I made him feel very, very bad. .___.

My other guy friends all know this about me since they had the privileged of being around me enough to know how un-touchy I can get. Some of them actually try to hug me just to annoy me. *raises fist.*

I know I'm an asshole, but damn I'm such an asshole. (And no that wasn't a repeated mistake. )

We walked into the theatre together, and got into our seats. I was hoping this would be the part where get to catch up about our lives, and talk. But nope, just silence. Even though the movie hadn't begun yet.

I offered him some of my candy that I had bought just before meeting up with him. Commented on how cool the seats were. Any small talk I could think of.

But it was still so, so awkward.

In fact, I felt so uncomfortable that majority of the time I spent sitting frozen-still in my seat. Only moving to uncross my legs when I felt them go numb. It was pretty bad.

I had absolutely no clue what the Edge of Tomorrow was about, but it wasn't bad. I would probably never ever watch it again, but if you want to see Tom Cruise die at least fifty times, this is it.

The movie ended shortly before ten, and I was so ready to go to bed. (My day starts at 5:30am, and I work for ten hours.)

Naturally we discussed about the movie, the conclusions, and it's plot as we were walking out of the place.

He then asked me, "Did you drive?"

I casually replied, "No." I knew that he drove.

This is where it turns interesting.

"Where did you park?" I asked.

It was the opposite direction of where the transit skytrains were.

Excuse me for assuming. But this is where USUALLY, the driver, a FRIEND, would offer to drive you home because it's only 10 o'clock at night and a girl walk home at night is socially known as "dangerous."

Believe me or not, I don't need him to drive me home. Yes, I'm tired from a long day and the idea of walking home in my dark alley isn't the most exciting thing but I am a person.

Which means I like to the feeling of being treated like a friend.

I like it when people SHOW that they care for you, even though it's as simple as offering to help out. You don't need to go through it, but as long as you offered, that's all that matters. IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS, RIGHT?

"I'll walk you to the skytrain!" 

Well, that's an offer technically.

Just not what I had in mind.

Call me human, call me a bitch, whatever. But I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT KID IS MAKING ME WALK FUCKING HOME AFTER I HESITANTLY AGREED TO GO OUT ON MY WORK DAY. (I originally wanted to go on a day off. )

I texted him afterwards expressing my gratitude and that I would treat him to a meal next time since he bought the tickets.

No reply.


I discussed the situation to many of my peers and they all agreed he had assumed it was a date, and was absolutely butt-hurt over the fact that it wasn't.

Or maybe my karma just back to me for bailing last year.

Lesson learned folks,

No hug, no ride.


  1. omg this made me laugh so loud :D gurl u ewed at his hug and u expect him to drive u home! haha kidding well he is a bitch not u, a real gentlman wuld drive u home spec at 10pm

  2. LOL. You poor thing. The "date" sounded super awkward. I'm gonna have to agree with your friends that he must've thought it was a date. Men's egos are so fragile and the no hugging thing must've shattered his to pieces. hahahaha


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