About Me

Hello! I like to go by the name of Tifa, based on the famous big-boobed Final Fantasty character on the world wide Internet. And the Mai part comes from my last name. I am of Vietnamese decent. One of my passion is gaming, and I am currently a dedicated player of League of Legends. I've been banned a total of three four times due to my negative behaviour on the MOBA game, aka pissing people off for fun. Jk, there's a lot of idiots on there that need to be put in their places.

I started this blog to have a place to express my hopes, thoughts, obsession, distaste, dreams, everything that goes on in my life. This whole thing represents ME. And it's been a wonderful experience getting to know many more female bloggers that share the same passion. I hope to eventually inspire people with whatever it is that I end up doing with the virtual journal.

I appreciate every one of you that comes to check out my blog, even if it's for 0.001 sec to 5 hours. I try my best to reply all comments, visit your websites, and follow them too. Not because I expect everyone to do it for me, but to show my appreciation and I want to know YOU more.


Tifa Mai

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